Anatomy and Physiology Practice Test Questions

Anatomy and Physiology Practice Questions

Anatomy and Physiology questions are common on many Nursing Exams.

Nursing Entrance – HESI, PSB, TEAS,
Medical Assistants – RMA, CMA
Nursing – IBCLC


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 Anatomy and Physiology Practice Questions

1) Anatomy breaks the human abdomen down into segments called _______________.

a. Regions
b. Districts
c. Quadrants
d. Areas

2) The quadrant that is largely responsible for digestion is _______________.

a. Left Upper
b. Right Upper
c. Right Left
d. Left Lower

3) The body organ that is NOT located within the Right Upper Quadrant is _______________.

a. Liver
b. Gall Bladder
c. Duodenum
d. Sigmoid colon

4) The organ that IS located in the Right Lower Quadrant is _______________.

a. Appendix
b. Heart
c. Left lung
d. Trachea

5) One reason that medical professionals should know the names and locations of the Quadrant  is _______________.

a. To keep the patient’s condition a secret from him.
b. To communicate about patients’ conditions with other doctors and medical  professionals.
c. For insurance purposes.
d. Not knowing the quadrants almost always results in death for the patient.


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Answer Key

1.  C
2.  A
The Left upper quadrant of the abdomen, is often abbreviated as LUQ, contains the stomach, spleen, left lobe of the liver, body of the pancreas, left kidney and adrenal gland.

3. D
The right upper quadrant of the abdomen, often abbreviated as RUQ, contains the liver, gall bladder, duodenum and had of the pancreas.

4.  A
The Right lower quadrant of the human abdomen, often abbreviated as RLQ, contains the appendix and ascending colon.

5.  B
Medical personnel divide the abdomen into smaller regions to facilitate study and discussion.


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Physiology and Anatomy Practice Test Questions
Taking a nursing entrance test? Practice your knowledge of anatomy and physiology with these practice questions


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