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In the Exam room

In the Exam room

Starting The Exam
  • Makes sure you are in the right exam. There may be other testing session for the same class and classes with similar names. Look for others from your section and double check the section number.
  • Remember that every instructor has different requirements and will expect different things. Read instructions for each exam so that you are sure to provide accurate answers. Continue reading “In the Exam room” »
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The Math of Guessing on an Exam

The Math of Guessing on an Exam

An interesting article on guessing answers on the SAT. And some commentary:
It's actually not quite true to say you shouldn't guess on the SAT. It's true that students are advised not to take a totally wild guess, but normally if you can eliminate one or more of the available answers, then guessing is +EV. Continue reading “The Math of Guessing on an Exam” »
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How to Take an Oral Exam

How to Take an Oral Exam

For many students, the experience of taking an oral exam is one that is very different to taking a written exam, although you may find that preparation for an oral exam is similar to a written exam. Oral Exams are a standard feature of English as a Second Language Exams such as the  Michigan English Language Arts Battery.    In addition, several other standardized tests such as the NNAAP and the ITBS have an oral component. Continue reading “How to Take an Oral Exam” ».
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How to Concentrate When You’ve Got a Big Test Ahead of You

How to Concentrate When You've Got a Big Test Ahead of You

Concentration is one of the most important skills anyone needs throughout their life. As students, it has understandable importance concerning the amount of information that must be consumed and recalled. However, even beyond the student days, it’s necessary to have the skills involved in concentration to healthily and adequately perform any skills or responsibility. With its importance, it also seems to be most elusive. Regardless of how far-fetched it seems to acquire, concentration is a skill that is manageable by everyone. concentrate, concentration, how to concentrate, study skills.
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What to Do When You Fail a Test

What to Do When You Fail a Test

Once, when I was a college instructor, a student came to me and asked me what he should do when he fails a test.  In other words, is there anything he can do to use that experience to propel him to better performance in the future?  I thought about the question, and several not-so-helpful responses came to mind.  On the next test, if he thinks he’s going to fail, he could: Continue reading “What to Do When You Fail a Test” ».
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Setting Time Priorities on a Timed Test

Setting Time Priorities on a Timed Test

Standardized tests can be a student’s worst nightmare--especially those that are timed.  If you’re not careful, the clock can become an enemy working against you as you try to get the highest score possible. Constant clock watching can be a distraction to you and may have a negative impact on performance.  Mastering proper techniques for time-managing the standardized test is essential for students to perform at a satisfactory level—in some ways equally important to mastery of the substantive knowledge covered within the test itself. Continue reading “Setting Time Priorities on a Timed Test” ».
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Retaking That Big Exam
Each year, tens of thousands of students take big, life-changing exams, such as the SAT or the ACT.  And every year, hundreds or thousands of students get a grade on that test which sorely disappoints them.  But what’s a person to do at that point? Many people, of course, consider retaking it.  That’s because most of us believe that the more times we take a test, the better we’ll do on it.  And actually, statistics tend to agree with this. According to one study, 55 percent of people who retake the SAT or ACT improve their tests the second time they take it.  (It’s not always true, of course, as the 35 percent who did worse the second time can attest). Continue reading “Retaking That Big Exam” ».
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Why Cheating is Not a Good Test Prep Strategy

Why Cheating is Not a Good Test Prep Strategy

It's the proverbial elephant in the room any time a group of students starts talking about how to get ready for the upcoming test:  The method that many of them will use is cheating. Maybe you're even one of them.  You might be surprised to hear that this article will at no time preach at you about why cheating is immoral.  Instead, we'll talk about why cheating ultimately hurts you in the class.  If you consider cheating on a test, things have definitely changed and there are numerous hi-tech ways that you can get caught.  Here is a discussion in the new frontier in catching cheaters. Continue reading “Why Cheating is Not a Good Test Prep Strategy” ».
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You Were not Born a Bad Test Taker

test takerYou Were not Born a Bad Test Taker

Maybe you’ve heard somebody say this.  Maybe you’ve said it yourself.  Right after doing poorly on yet another test, the person exclaims, “I know the material; I’m just a bad test-taker.”  Or even worse, “I was born a bad test-taker.” It’s true that some people are bad test-takers, but few if any people were born that way.  Like most negative aspects of ourselves, this was a trait that was acquired over the years. And fortunately, just because you’re a bad test-taker right now, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay that way.   Continue reading “You Were not Born a Bad Test Taker” ».
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Whats the Difference Between a Quiz, Test, and Exam?

Whats the Difference Between a Quiz, Test, and Exam?

You're in school, it's close to Christmas, and on the same day, one instructor tell you there's a quiz coming, a second says there's a test next week, while a third tells you to prepare for the upcoming exam. ARRRGH! A quiz, a test, and an exam, all coming soon. But what's the difference? Are they all the same thing, are they different, and which is more important to your grade point average? Continue reading “Whats the Difference Between a Quiz, Test, and Exam?” ».
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