Taking the COMPASS Exam?

The Compass is a group of exams developed by the American College Test Program and is designed to analyze an students reading, writing and math skills, so that the college is in a position to determine what course will suit a particular student.

Exam Details

This is an adaptive questionnaire to be taken on a computer.  The questions given depend on the previous answer, and are matched to your ability and skills.

You must answer a question before going to the next.  You cannot skip a question and go back to it later.

The questions are multiple choice questions.

These exams are conducted separately and you cannot take them all in a single day.

Exam Format

The mathematics tests typically includes five areas i. e. algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, trigonometry and college-level algebra.  See Math Practice and Workbook

The reading tests have questions based on given text.

The writing test checks a student’s ability to correct and check the grammar as well as check proper sentence formations.

The tests are usually administered at the university that requires them. The course fees, registration process and course placement is solely dependent on the University or institution.

The also has a test for English as a second language to test the student’s ability in written and spoken English.

For details about the test contents go here

For math content see Math Workbook


Pass the COMPASS

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