Taking the Accuplacer-CPT?

The Accuplacer Exam is a comprehensive exam taken by college students for college and university placements. The test is multiple choice taken on a computer, consisting of three sections i. e. reading comprehension, math and sentence skills.  Some Colleges require an essay.

Exam Information

The accuplacer test is an adaptive test where the questions asked are related to your previous answers.

You will need to answer every question in this exam.   The Questions are given according to your skill and ability.

You can make changes to your answers before going to the next question, but you will not be able to skip questions and go back to it later.

Exam Duration

The multiple choice questions are not timed, so you can take all the time you need to make the right choice. The essay test are timed.

Exam Details

Check with your school if you can carry calculators, protractors, textbooks, dictionaries or any other paper with you.
After completion of the test a report is created with your score in it, you will receive your report from your college.

Exam Content

Grammar and Sentence skills. 
Sentence skills and Grammar - there are 20 Sentence Skill questions of two types

Sentence correction.
Rewriting sentences.

Reading Comprehension
20 questions divided into two primary types.

Read a passage and answer questions based on the text.
Sentence relation, where a question is asked about the relationship between two sentences
Arithmetic and Basic Math and a written essay.

Study Tips and Test Preparation for the Accuplacer

This is a Multiple Choice format exam. Multiple Choice Secrets - how to increase your score on any multiple choice exam.

Here are some tips for studying for this test

This is a computer based exam - information and help with computer based exams

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Accuplacer Practice Test Questions & Sample Questions

Practice Reading Comprehension Questions - (includes Main Idea and Making Inferences)
Basic Math (Very Basic - Long & Short Division, Multiplication, Decimals, Fractions, Percent etc.)
Basic Math II (Percentage, Fractions Decimals exponents, simple algebra, parentheses removal etc.)


Simple Algebra
Advanced Algebra
Fractions & Square Root

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