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The City University of New York has its own entrance exam, called the Skills Assessment Program.  The CUNY is an aptitude test which evaluates your ability to learn, rather than what you have already learned like most tests.

The exam is divided into 3 components: writing, reading and math.

The reading component tests for reading comprehension, and your ability to analyze written information.

The math component covers basic math, algebra (including college level) and trigonometry.

The written component is an essay question where your vocabulary, spelling, argumentation skills and ability to organize your thoughts on paper are tested.


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Absorbing and Memorizing material. 
Use mnemonics to remember complex groups of things.

Aptitude tests
This exam primarily tests your aptitude and not your ability to memorize. 
Studying for Aptitude tests. 

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Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the CUNY Assessment

 Test Strategy

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