Do You Listen in Class?

classroomMany students think that by attending the class they have fulfilled the purpose of being there – yet if they are not listening and taking notes they are often missing out on important information that they won’t find in a textbook.

You mental attitude going into the class is as important as being there because if you don’t hear what is being said, you have missed an opportunity to glean information that you might find on a test. So, besides having your homework done and be otherwise prepared, you should be committed to hearing what the teacher or professor has to say.

This also means that you should be open minded and not have a closed view to controversial topics or opinions that you don’t share. Listen and try to understand the others point of view as you can often learn from it even if you don’t agree with it. Being active with your listening means that you don’t let your mind wander even if it is a beautiful day outside. Be present and be actively involved with listening and taking notes of the important points that will undoubtedly find their way onto an exam sometime soon.

If you don’t understand what is being said – don’t be ashamed to ask questions. Unanswered questions lead to your inability to comprehend fully what the teacher is trying to say and can lead to incorrect answers on a quiz later on. If you don’t speak up during class, stop by afterwards to talk directly to the teacher to get a clearer explanation so that you understand what was being said.

Listening in class will lead to your ability to later listen in business meetings in a future job. It is a skill that must be cultivated and will reap benefits during your examination and later in life.

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7 thoughts on “Do You Listen in Class?”

  1. One problem that I have during class is that some of the material gets so boring that I actually start day dreaming and focus on other things. This always ends up bad for me because when it comes around to test time I end up messing up because I didn’t learn the material. I have gotten so side tracked and missed important things that were taught, which had a drastic effect on me when it came to test time. I learned that the first thing you can do to help this is have a strong metal attitude before you even step foot in the classroom. One that thing that helped me was that I began actually trying to focus on whats being said so I didn’t miss anything being taught. I agree totally with a lot of the advice on this column because its very important to catch everything that has been passed in class so you know what to look forward to on the test. If your having trouble with attention, I suggest that you do some research and find the tips that will improve your attention skills and help you do better on the test.

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