General FAQ

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    Is a large print version of your study guides available?

    No, unfortunately none of the study guides or ebooks are available in large print?

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    Do all of your study guides have practice tests?

    NO. We have practice tests currently for the most popular tests and are creating more practice test questions daily.

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    what version of the TEAS study manual do you use?

    We recommend this TEAS exam prep products. HERE

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    Can I have access to the file after I download?

    Hello - You can download for 3 days and the links will automatically expire. You have 3 attempts before the link expires for security reasons.

    It is best to download the file to your computer. On a PC, RIGHT CLICK on the large blue button and choose SAVE AS. Once the files are on your computer you can use them anytime. On a MAC control click.

    If you need more time or download attempts, contact me and I will re-activate.

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    I purchased my study guide and practice tests by following a link from a school. Are you affiliate with them?

    No we are not affiliated. We provide extensive online support and practice questions for students taking the HSPT as well as some 250 other exams as a free service, in addition to retailing various study guides and test prep products. Many many educational institutions, Universities and Colleges all over the world link to our website as a resource to their students.

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    If these are PDF files, will my daughter have to print out the materials in order to fill in the grading sheets?

    You can print out the whole thing if you want, but it is somewhat lengthy. I would suggest either printing out the answer sheets and work from a monitor, or just print out the practice tests in addition to any tutorials as required.

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    How do the study materials work?

    There are self-assessment units for all of the different types of questions, followed by tutorials with tips, explanations and strategies for the different types of questions. The self-assessments comprise a 3rd test so they are worthwhile doing. The self-assessment units give students an idea of strengths and weaknesses in the different areas so they can focus their study time on problem areas. This is all explained in detail, with instructions and examples on how to make a study schedule.

    The main document with all of the above is the Pass the HSPT. The Vocabulary and Multiple Choice are more generic but also very useful and can increase your score. The key idea behind the Multiple Choice Secrets for students to understand is that exam questions have a strategy behind them and if you understand how to answer multiple choice, you can increase your score. Exam are not "just a bunch of questions!"

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    I want to download this Study Guide and Practice Tests for my daughter and send it to her to use on her computer. Would there be a problem with using it in this manner? Would everything work for her when she received it? I live in another country whereas she lives in the U.S. so this would be the best solution if it would work.

    There are several options. Once you purchase you are re-directed to a download page and sent an email with the download link. Probably the best is to download the file yourself and then send to someone else by attachment. If you forward the download email the links don't always come through properly.

    Or, if you can't me after purchase, with your daughters email, I can re-send the download links to her.

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    I like the book for PNEE practice test and the study guide can you send me the book rather than downloading?

    Hello - at present we do not have offer a hard copy, but will be in the offering a hard copy in the next 4 - 6 months. Which is probably too late I realize - sorry :(

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    how can i get a book on the clinical skills to be better prepared in my nurse aide class. please help i need a book about how to perform as a cna / the book of clinical skills . i live in mississippi

    We have a download version of the CNA and will have a printed version in the FALL.

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    I purchased a RMA Study Guide on 4/13/2012. How often are study guides updated? Is my study guide current if I purchased 4/2012?

    Generally we update all study guides every few months for the download version, and about every year for the printed version. If you ordered the download version, you will automatically receive an email when updates are done.