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  • Each CMA Practice Test Contains:

    Medical Terminology including, roots and stems, prefix and suffix, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, and medical specialties.
    Anatomy and Physiology including, structural units, anatomical divisions and Body Systems.
    Communication including body language, listening skills, non-verbal communication and patient interviewing techniques.
    Fundamental writing skills including, sentence structure, grammar and usage and punctuation.
    Medical law and ethics and important legislation including, Occupational safety and Health (OSHA), Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA).

    Almost 400 questions in total!

    Study Mistakes (or why listen to us?)

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    Complete CMA Practice Test and Study Guide


    2 CMA Practice Tests, Bonus Ebooks like How to Study and How to Take a test, and more. Over 400 questions with full Answer Key and explanations, prepared by a dedicated team of experts with advanced degrees.
    Inludes 50 page fully illustrated Anatomy and Physiology tutorial with Medical Terminology.

    ISBN: 978-1-927358-23-8
    Pages: 210

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