High School Placement Test (HSPT) FAQ

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    Can I use a study guide from another Catholic School Entrance Exam ?

    NO - if you are taking the HSPT, get the HSPT one. Many of the questions are unique to this exam

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    Who administers the HSPT?

    The HSPT is administered by the Scholastic Testing Service or STS in Bensenville, Illinois.

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    Where do I register for the HSPT?

    All registration is through your school. There is no central or national registration.

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    Can I re-take the HSPT?

    Yes you can re-take the HSPT but you LOWEST score will be used.

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    What are the Math components on the HSPT?

    The Math section covers arithmetic, basic algebra, word problems, math concepts (greater than, less than etc.) and basic geometry.

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    information on TABE test preparation?

    We don't have any info on the TABE right now - sry :(

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    How many questions in all are on the HSPT?

    There are 280 questions total that must be answered in 2 1/2 hours - Here is the breakdown:

    Reading 62 questions - 25 minutes
    Includes: Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

    Mathematics. 64 questions - 45 minutes
    Includes: Word Problems, math concepts and geometry problems

    Language. 60 questions - 25 minutes.
    Includes: Capitalization, grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

    Verbal skills. 60 questions - 16 minutes
    Includes: Analogies, logic, antonyms,synonyms, and verbal classification.

    Quantitative skills. 52 questions - 30 minutes
    Includes: geometric and non-geometric comparison, Number Manipulation and Number Series.

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    We do not offer a TABE currently but will be adding in the near future

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    What is the score you need to pass in math and lanuage art

    Scholastic Testing Services does not release a passing score by subject. Here is what they say about scoring, which is pretty general. Your score is based on the number of questions you answer correctly and points are not deducted for wrong answers. So the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can, even if you have to guess.

    The scores are converted to a standard score on a scale from 200 - 800

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    Okay in order for me to get a diploma my test score should be what in math and in language art reading writing or what other subject

    Passing Scores for the HIgh School Placement are a little complicated and there is no one number or one answer - here is a detailed explanation - http://www.testpreppractice.net/HSPT/hspt-scores.aspx

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    My sons score report is not as detailed as that of another boy in our block. Why is that?

    Each school uses the scoring services of their choice. The scoring criteria are the same, but the presentations of the scores may be different based on the reporting style of the scoring services used by the school where the exam is taken.

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    I seem to have misplaced my daughters score report. How do I get a replacement copy?

    Replacement scores can be requested from the school where the exam was taken. If the school no longer has a copy of the scores, then parents can contact STS.

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    How much does it cost to apply for the HSPT?

    Contact the school of choice for information regarding application fees.

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    how can i retake the HSPT if i didn't do well? When and where do I apply to retake it?

    Yes you can re-take the exam but I believe your lowest score will be used.

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    When is the HSPT examination coming up?

    The HSPT is administered by various schools independently. You would need to check with the school of choice for information regarding exam dates and registration procedures.

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    What can be considered to be a good score for the HSPT? My daughter's score is listed as 80% percentile.

    Each school determines its acceptable pass score to be used for admission decisions. Generally, a score above 600 will get you placed above the 80% percentile. This is usually a good score as it means that the candidate score above 80% of other test takers. The school will however have specific information regarding acceptable desired scores.

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    St. Agnes Catholic School in Arlington is offering the HSPT study course in July. My son will be at camp. I really want him to take this course. It there another place where it is offered? And When?

    There are quite a few different options. I would suggest contacting the school where you are seeking admittance and they can recommend local courses and times.

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    If you take a high school placement test does it apply to only that school you took it at or for another high school that has a test like that?

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    Out of the 298 questions of HSPT test how do need to at least get right to pass or win a full schoalrship

    That depends on who is offering the scholarship and which school is giving the test

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    How much is taken off if you don't answer a question or answer a question wrong?

    No marks are taken off for wrong answers

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    I just took the HSPT test two days ago. Do you know when I will get my results (by mail)

    It varies by school - talk to the organization that gave the test for the timing on results

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