How to Pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE)

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Exam Format and Details

AHSGE is made up of five test sections comprising math, science, social studies, language and reading.

The questions are in multiple choice format.

The reading and comprehension section has 84 questions and requires a cutoff score of 563. This section test the student’s ability to read and interpret short written passages on different subjects.

The language section requires a minimum score of 560 to pass and has 100 questions. The section is designed to test punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction.

The math section has 100 questions and requires a minimum score of 477 to pass. The math questions are based mainly on algebra with a few pre-geometry questions.

The science section has 100 questions but require a minimum pass score of 491. The questions are mainly on biology with a bit of physical science questions.

Social studies has 100 questions and require 509 marks to make the minimum level pass. The questions are set from American history up to the Second World War.

The entire test spans five days with each day dedicated to one test subject section.

AHSGE is an untimed test and as such, students are allowed as much time needed to complete test even after the allotted three hours for a test session has elapsed.

Study Tips, Strategy and Test Preparation

Multiple Choice Secrets! Comprehensive tips and strategies for any multiple choice exam. Practice questions for each strategy included.. How To Answer Multiple Choice

How to Prepare for a test - Tips on exam preparation >>>

Reading Comprehension. Here are some tips for answering the Reading Comprehension section.

Mathematics. Taking complex problems and breaking them down into smaller pieces is a valuable skill. Here are some practice questions.

AHSGE Practice Test Questions

Practice Reading Comprehension Questions - (includes Main Idea and Making Inferences)
Practice Math Questions (General)
Basic Math (Very Basic - Long & Short Division, Multiplication, Decimals, Fractions, Percent etc.)
Basic Math II (Percentage, Fractions Decimals exponents, simple algebra, parentheses removal etc.)
Basic Algebra
Exponents (Adding, subtracting and multiplying exponents and exponent fractions)
Word Problems
Basic Science
Basic Biology

Word Problems

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