How to Pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT)

Exam Content

The FCAT is divided into four sections,  writing, math, science and reading. FCAT is unique and different from other High School tests in several ways. The questions do not come in the popular multiple-choice format. There are questions requiring short answers and others requiring longer answer to be written out. Many of the questions are designed to test the student’s ability to think independently and solve problems. Unlike other exams, the FCAT allows students to use special calculators provided for them. The FCAT test is conducted in English but various aids are provided for students whose first language is not English.

Each test section of the FCAT is allotted between 120-160 minutes. To pass FCAT and be eligible for a diploma students have to attain a minimum score of 300. The test results are sent to parents and guardians 2 weeks after the exam.

Study Tips and Test Preparation

Study Strategy

The FCAT is a general aptitude test, which is intended to measure your ability to learn, not what you already know.

This means your strategy is to first, become as familiar as possible with the material. Next, your study strategy should be to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of questions, and improve your skill at answering the different questions. Tips on studying for Aptitude Tests >>>

Multiple Choice Secrets! Comprehensive tips and strategies for any multiple choice exam. Practice questions for each strategy included.. How To Answer Multiple Choice

Before the Test - What you MUST do before the test - learn more >>>

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Practice Test Questions

Practice Test Questions

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