How to Pass the Illinois Standard achievement Test (ISAT)

Exam Structure and Content

To pass the test, students should be able to solve each problem, usually story problems, and explain how the problems were solved. Third graders should be able to solve problems relating to fraction and decimals, weigh objects with scale in grams and kilograms and also be able to calculate dollar amounts. Sixth graders should be able to use rulers. Protractors and scales understand the perfect squares, powers and square roots as well as understand and use data, tables and graph, coordinating grids and plotting points.


The scores from the exam are included in student’s permanent record. These scores are also used to determine if a student should repeat a grade. There are individual improvement programs to be implemented for any student who tests two or more grades below the normal grade level.

 The scoring levels are categorized as, exceed standards, meet standards, do not meet standards, and substantially below standards.

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