How to Pass the PLAN College Readiness Exam

Exam Content

   •  English Usage and mechanics - 30 questions
   •  Rhetorical Skills - 20 questions
   •  Pre-Algebra - 22 questions
   •  Geometry - 18 questions
   •  Reading Comprehension - 25 questions
   •  Science test - 20 questions

Exam Structure

   •  The total exam is timed for 115 minutes
   •  English 30 minutes
   •  Mathematics test section for 40 minutes
   •  Reading Comprehension 20 minutes
   •  Science test section 25 minutes

PLAN Practice Test Questions

Practice Reading Comprehension Questions - (includes Main Idea and Making Inferences)
Practice Math Questions (General)
Basic Math (Very Basic - Long & Short Division, Multiplication, Decimals, Fractions, Percent etc.)
Basic Math II (Percentage, Fractions Decimals exponents, simple algebra, parentheses removal etc.)
Basic Algebra
Exponents (Adding, subtracting and multiplying exponents and exponent fractions)
Word Problems
Basic Science

Word Problems

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