How to Prepare for a Test

Scoring high on tests is crucial for most people. Scoring High on a College Entrance Test means you get into the University you want.  Scoring High on a Nursing Entrance Test means you get into Nursing School  Or, an Armed Services Entrance Exams, like the AFQT, means you can get into the Military.  It requires extensive preparation long before the test date. Extensive preparation does not only cover studying. It also covers preparing through other means. Preparing for a test is much easier if you keep in mind a few simple tips.

The “how” includes some general guidelines that can help you ease through the preparation stage. Most of these tips are how to psyche yourself up for the test by doing some simple mental and practical preparations. Here are some tips for mental and practical preparation for a test.

Mental Preparations for a test

  • Motivate yourself. Creating and maintaining interest on the preparation for the test and the taking of the test itself will help you remember more important details in the long run.
  • Develop your memory. Your ability to recall important information is crucial for scoring high on a test. Even prior to the studying process, it is important to sharpen up your memory. This can be done by quizzing yourself and reviewing new materials.  More on how to Memorize.
  • Avoid cramming at all costs. Preparing yourself mentally by reviewing regularly even for just a few hours each day will prove helpful when you begin studying for the test. When you cram, you torture your mind by forcing it to recall and process large quantities of information for a very short period of time.  If you have to Cram, here are some tips.
  • More Tips on Mental Prep for a Test.

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  1. Britney

    I once use cramming for an exam and just froze up when i saw the questions. nothing beats good old studying properly.

  2. Houti

    Yes, cramming works but it is really a short term solution. That is if it does not backfire and you end up forgetting during the test

  3. Dickson

    i have used cramming successfully, but i agree that it is not the best way to study for a test.

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