How To Study Alone

How To Study Alone

Do you feel that no matter how much you study your not retaining the information you review? Even if you are studying alone you may be sabotaging your study sessions by failing to use your time effectively. If you consider yourself a social person you may find studying alone beneficial to your learning process once you learn how to study correctly.

Do not try to study and learn every in one session. When you sit down to study limit yourself to one topic at a time. Study sessions are not a time to attempt multi-tasking.   Are you a multi tasker?  You may find it helpful to schedule and plan your study sessions on a calendar or to-do list in order to stay focus on the topic at hand.

Especially if you are studying for high school tests, a nursing entrance exam, or securities certification exam, turn off all distractions when studying. While many classes offer study tools online, you should disconnect your instant messenger, email, and any other communication devices that could pull you away from your task at hand, studying. You should also turn off the television and the radio as well. During your study sessions, you want to fully concentrate on learning and reviewing. If you allow you brain to focus on other stimuli your reduce the amount of information you will learn and increase the amount of study time you need.  Tips on Where to Study.

Start studying by reviewing any notes you have from previous study sessions or from class and create a list of topics you want to review during your current study session. By creating a list you can keep yourself on topic. Focus your study to-do list on the topics covered in class and topics you do not have a clear understanding of. You want to keep your study to-do list reasonable. If you have many topics to cover in your studying you should schedule several different study sessions. Using a study to-do list will help you to determine when to stop studying. Once you have covered all the topics on the list, you are done studying.

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4 thoughts on “How To Study Alone”

  1. This sounds helpful I’ll try it b’cause I can’t sit and study peacefully..I always get bored so I miss use the time..

    1. This is one of the big problems – try starting off with a short period of time, like half an hour. Promise yourself that you will absolutely study for that time. Think up a reward for yourself when you finish half an hour. Do that a few times until you get used to it, then gradually make the time longer and longer.

  2. Studying alone is much better for me – I get distracted easily when I am with a group and talking about other things and pretty soon the time is gone.

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