Pass the (AHPAT) with the Least amount of Studying

Exam Duration and Format

     •  The exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes
     •  This is a Multiple Choice format exam
     •  There are approximately 300 questions

Exam Contents

     •  Verbal Ability - 50 Questions
     •  Quantitative Ability - 40 Questions
     •  Biology - 40 Questions
     •  Chemistry - 40 Questions
     •  Reading Comprehension - 45 Question

Study Tips & Test Preparation

Help with memorization

Using mnemonics to memorize

This is a multiple choice exam.   Multiple Choice questions can be very tricky and in fact are designed to confuse and distract.  Comprehensive multiple choice tips and strategies for increasing your score with practice questions. How To Answer Multiple Choice

This is a Computer Based Exam (CBE).   Tips and info on taking CBEs >>>

The AHPAT has a reading comprehension section. Find out how to increase your score on Reading Comprehension Questions.

This Exam is not longer being offered.