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Below is 1 of 15 strategies for increasing your score on multiple choice questions.

Strategy 8 -  Grammar

For every question, no matter what type, examine closely any answers that do not fit right concerning grammar. If the stem question has an ending of the word an and then a blank, any answer option that starts with a consonant sound can be eliminated.

Read the passage below and answer the questions:

Smallpox is highly contagious, but generally spreads more slowly and less widely than some other viral diseases, perhaps because transmission requires close contact and occurs after the onset of the rash. The overall rate of infection is also affected by the short duration of the infectious stage. In temperate areas, the number of smallpox infections were highest during the winter and spring. In tropical areas, seasonal variation was less evident and the disease was present throughout the year.  Age distribution of smallpox infections depends on acquired immunity. Vaccination immunity declines over time and is probably lost in all but the most recently vaccinated populations. Smallpox is not known to be transmitted by insects or animals and there is no asymptomatic carrier state.


A) One known type of creature that does not transmit smallpox is an:

1. rodent
2. insect
3. bat
4. monkey

B) The smallpox vaccine can cause a:

1. loss of immunity over time
2. white blood cells to go out of control
3. infection of the hair follicles
4. transmitted virus to cause a full blown case of smallpox

C) Smallpox is an:

1. virus transmitted from mosquitoes to humans
2. current viral infection that affects millions each year
3. example of a viral disease which is highly contagious
4. bacteria which can have fatal complications

D) The smallpox virus is an:

1. virus which can survive sub zero temperatures for centuries
2. example of a virus which can not infect humans
3. even temperature virus which does not thrive as well in cold temperatures
4. hemorrhagic virus which always causes bleeding

Answers and Discussion - Strategy 8

Look for answers that do not fit the grammar of the question or stem.

A) Answer - 2 
Choices 1, 3 and 4 start with a consonant so they are grammatically incorrect (following 'an') and cannot be the correct answer.   e.g.  [...] smallpox is an bat   or   [...] smallpox is an monkey  are both grammatically incorrect. 

B) Answer - 1 
Choice 2 is grammatically incorrect.  'a' is before a plural (white blood cells).  Choice 3 is grammatically incorrect, 'a' before 'infection' (should be 'an'). 
C) Answer - 3 
Choices 1,2 and 4 are grammatically incorrect. 'A' and 'an.' 

D) Answer - 3
Choice 1 is grammatically incorrect. 


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