Pass the Certification in Emergency Nursing (CEN) - Complete Study Guide & Practice Test

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   • You must be a Registered Nurse with a current unrestricted license.
   • Alternatively, a nursing certificate which is equal to a Registered Nurse in the United States or its territories.
   • Although not stipulated, a two-year experience in emergency nursing practice is recommended.

Exam Details

   • CEN examination is a computer based Exam.
   • In order to prevent any confusions or problems that may arise, an orientation to the computerized testing environment will be conducted on site on the day of the examination.
   • The CEN entirely multiple choice format
   • 3 hour time limit.
   • 25 pre-test multiple choice questions which will not be scored.
   • 150 multiple choice questions which will be scored on site at the end of the examination.

Exam Registration

   • Complete and mail it with the payment to BCEN.
   • Once you receive the handbook and an authorization letter, book an examination date within your ninety-day window period.

Exam Contents

   • Cardiovascular Tasks 14%
   • Respiratory Tasks 12%
   • Neurological Tasks 10%
   • Medical Emergency Tasks 10%
   • Orthopedic/Wound Tasks 9%
   • Shock/Multi-System Tasks 7%
   • Genitourinary, Gynecology, Obstetrical Tasks 7%
   • Substance Abuse/Toxicological/Environmental 6%
   • Gastrointestinal Tasks 6%
   • Patient Care Management Tasks 5%
   • Professional Issue Tasks 4%
   • Maxillofacial/Ocular Tasks 4%
   • Psychological/Social Tasks 4%

Test Preparation and Study Tips

The CEN has 175 questions and a 3 hour time limit.

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Complete Certified Emergency Nurse Study Guide and Practice Test Questions

Complete CEN study guide prepared by a dedicated team of expert researchers.


Includes sample questions, test tips and complete review.

CEN Study Guide & Practice Test

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CEN flash cards & Practice Test

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