Inpatient Obstetrics Nurse (ION) Test Preparation and Study Guide

The Inpatient Obstetrics Nurse examination and certification process is organized and conducted by the National Certification Corporation (NCC). The test helps gauge if nurses have the required knowledge of biological, psychological, physiological and sociocultural factors that not only affect but also the family, foetus and newborn. The INO exam also measures the candidates ability to pre-empt problems and ensure the needs of the patients are taken care of, given their records.

Exam Eligibility

     •  You must be a Registered Nurse with a current license.
     •  Continuous employment in the field of inpatient obstetrics nursing for at least 24 months comprising of a minimum of 2000 hours
     •  Employment in the field sometime in the last 24 months

Exam Details

     •  Both paper and pen testing and computer based testing are available for $250 and $300 respectively.
     •  Paper and pen testing is only available at special test sites on certain dates.

Exam Registration

     •  Ensure that you are eligible for the examination as all ineligible applications are charged $50.
     •  Download an application form from 
     •  Complete and mail it with the accurate payment and supporting documents to NCC.
     •  NCC must receive your application by the deadline posted on their site.
     •  Ensure that your application is complete and the payment is correct as reprocessing an incomplete application costs an additional $25.
     •  Payment and documentation must be reconciled at least 21 days before the date of the examination for the purpose of reprocessing.

Exam Format

     •  10 pre-test multiple-choice questions, which will not be scored.
     •  150 multiple-choice questions, which will be scored on site at the end of the examination.
     •  The non-scored questions are not distinguishable from the scored questions, so it is imperative that you answer all 160 questions carefully.

Exam Contents

     •  Maternal Factors Affecting The Fetus and Newborn (10-20%)
     •  Fetal Assessment (15-25%)
     •  Labor And Delivery (25-35%)
     •  Obstetric Complications (15-25%)
     •  Postpartum (5-15%)
     •  Newborn (5-10%)
     •  Professional Issues (2% or less)

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