American Board for Certification of Gastroenterology Nurses Test Preparation

The certification program for gastroenterology nurses is administered by the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA).

Exam Details

   • The exam is conducted in both a Computer-based format (CBE) and in a paper and pencil format at specified exam sites.
   • The certification exam is offered twice each year, in the spring and in the fall. The test is scheduled on a Saturday in the spring and on a Sunday in the fall.
   • The current fee for non member candidates is $385 for initial certification and $335 for re-certification in the paper-pencil format and is fixed as $485 for non member candidates in case of initial certification in the computer testing format.

Exam Format

   • The exam is three hours.
   • The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions.
   • The questions directly relate to the scope of practice in the Gastroenterology specialty and are based on role delineations. 

Exam Content

   • General Nursing Care – 27 items- 18%
   • Gastroenterological Procedures - 71 items- 47.3%
   • Patient care interventions- 33 items -22%
   • Professional standards and responsibilities- 19 items- 12.7%

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The CGRN has 150 questions and a 3 hour time limit.

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