Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) Test Preparation

The Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) certification is administered by the  Infusion Nurse Certification Corporation (INCC), part of the Infusion Nurses Society.   The CRNI credential is valid for three years, contingent upon continued current, active, unrestricted RN. Expiration always falls on December 31 of the third year. This specialized certification is available to both Bachelor's Degree and 2-year degree RNs.


To apply for the exam, the following must be submitted:

     •  CRNI Examination Application Form,
     •  Biographical Questionnaire
     •  Clinical Practice Documentation and Affirmation Form
     •  Documentation of a current, active, unrestricted RN license.
     •  Applicable fees

Exam Format

The test is a computer based examination (CBE). The exam consists of four-option, multiple-choice questions written at three different cognitive levels:

     •  Recall:The ability to recall or recognize specific information is required.
     •  Application:The ability to comprehend, relates, or applies knowledge to new or    changing situations is required.
     •  Analysis: The ability to analyze and synthesize information, to determine solutions, and/or to evaluate the usefulness of a solution is required
     •  The exam is 3 hours.


The CRNI exam consists of 170 items. Candidates are scored on 150 items .Questions are in the following categories:

     •  Technology and Clinical Applications - 25% or 38 questions
     •  Fluid and Electrolyte Balance - 13 .3% or 20 questions
     •  Pharmacology - 13 .3% or 20 questions
     •  Infection Control - 13% or 20 questions
     •  Pediatrics - 5 .3% or 8 questions
     •  Transfusion Therapy - 5 .3% or 8 questions
     •  Antineoplastic/Biologic Therapy - 10 .6% or 16 questions
     •  Parenteral Nutrition - 6 .6% or 10 questions
     •  Performance Improvement - 6 .6% or 10 questions

Application Deadline and Fees

The Certified Registered Nurse Infusion exam is offered throughout the year at specified testing centers. The fee to take the exam is $285 for members of the Infusion Nurse Society (INS) and $410 for nonmembers. The fee to join the INS and take the exam is $375.

Test Preparation & Study Tips!

This exam has 170 questions and a 3 hour time limit.

This is a Multiple Choice Test - Comprehensive tips and strategies for any multiple Choice exam with practice questions. How To Answer Multiple Choice

This test requires that you absorb and memorize a huge amount of material. Using Mnemonics is a great help. Learn more >>>

Your study strategy for this exam is to memorize as much material as possible.   Help with studying for a content exam

This is a Computer Based Exam (CBE). Learn more about computer based exams >>>

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