Nurse Practitioner & Family Nurse Practitioner Exam (NPD) Test Preparation

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Registered Nurses who have completed specific advanced education and training in nursing. Nurse Practitioners can be trained and nationally certified in various specialty areas of adult psychiatric & mental health, acute care, pediatrics, geriatrics, family health, women's health and  psychiatry. The family nurse practitioners can use the credentials  FNP (Family NP)-C or FNP-BC Certified depending on whether she is  certified by American Association of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurse Credentialing Center respectively. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a registered nurse prepared in a graduate level family nurse practitioner program to provide a full range of health care services  at an advanced level to individuals of all ages and families.

Exam Details

     •  The exam is in a  Computer- based format and is administered at various Prometric Test Centers.
     •  The current fee for the examination is $390 for initial certification and $350 for  renewal of  certification for general non  members. For members the fees is lower at $200 fro initial certification and $270 for re certification. There is an additional fee of $125 for international centers.
     •  On confirmation of eligibility the candidate can apply for the exam online anytime during the year & schedule the examination within a period of 90 days for a time and location convenient to them.
     •  The candidates receive their score cards immediately after examination followed by certificate & pin within 2 months.
     •  The certification is valid for a period of 5 years and an be applied for renewal 3 months before expiry of certification
     •  The duration of the examination is three and a half hours.

Exam Format

The test comprises of 175 questions in the multiple choice format out of which 150 questions are evaluated and scores considered for the present exam whereas 25 questions are used as pretest questions for future tests.

Exam Content

     •   Clinical Management -53 questions
     •   Health Promotion and Disease Prevention-31 questions
     •   The Nurse Practitioner and Patient Relationship -16 questions
     •   Professional Role and Policy- 7 questions
     •   Assessment of Acute     and Chronic Illness- 39 questions
     •   Research - 4 questions

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Nurse Practitioner Study Guide

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