Pain Management Nurse Exam Test Preparation

The Pain Management Nursing Examination is organized and conducted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The exam certifies nurses who are able to effectively apply their pain management skills and knowledge to the various tasks of developing, establishing and appraising care for patients going through acute and chronic pain due to different causes.


     •  Download and print an application form from
     •  Complete, sign, attach all required supporting documents and mail it with the payment to ANCC.
     •  Once you receive an Eligibility Notice, you may book an exam date within a ninety-day period.

Exam Details

     •  This is a computer-based exam
     •  There are 25 pre-test multiple-choice questions, which will not be scored.
     •  There are another 150 multiple-choice questions, which are scored on site at the end of the exam.
     •  The non-scored questions are not distinguishable from the scored questions
     •  You have 3 hours to complete the exam.

Exam Contents

     •  Pathophysiology of Pain 11%
     •  Pain Assessment 29%
     •  Interventions 16%
     •  Side Effects 11%
     •   Patient/Family Education and Counseling 11%
     •   Collaborative/Institutional Issues 21%

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This is a computer based exam. Here are some tips for taking computer based exams.

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