Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam (PANRE)

Physician Assistants who currently hold a NCCPA certification must take the PANRE exam to be eligible for re certification at the end of the NCCPA certification cycle.   See also our PANCE Exam page.

The certification cycle is complete every six years at which time the certificate is no longer valid.

PANRE is conducted at Sylvan Prometric Centers. Physician Assistants can choose to take PANRE at the fifth or sixth year of their certificate cycle.

About the Exam

The test is designed to re-evaluate and assess needed knowledge and skill in medical surgery.

The Physician Assistant National Recertifying Examination (PANRE) consists of 300 questions set in multiple-choice format. The PANRE test is computer administered and students are not allowed to bring or use reference materials. Total time allotted for the test is 5 hours.


To register for the PANRE test PAs must pay a registration fee (currently $300) and then pick a convenient day within the exam time frame to take the test. On successful application and submission of required registration materials to NCCPA, the PA has 180 days to schedule a date to write the exam, subject to availability of the test center.

Applicants who apply late in their sixth year are permitted a shorter time frame (less than 180 days) to schedule the exam to be able to take the test before the expiration of their NCCPA certificate. Physician Assistants can only take PANRE once within any 90-day period. They can take it only twice during their fifth year and twice during their sixth year.

An alternative to PANRE is the Pathway II exam. Physician Assistants seeking a NCCPA re-certification can also take the pathway II exam to qualify for it. The registration fee is the same as PANRE but the exam structure is different. The Pathway II exam is a take home exam.



Test Preparation and Study Tips


Also check out our Multiple Choice Secrets Ebook – Comprehensive tips and strategies for multiple Choice exams with practice questions. Answering Multiple Choice

This is a Computer based exam (CBE).  Help and study strategies for CBE >>>


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