Pass Exams by Determining Your Learning Style

learningPass Exams by Determining Your Learning Style

Back in the 1960s, people thought that there was only one way to study for exams. As such, teachers advised students to simply read the books over and over until the material was committed to memory. While this method of studying for exams worked for some people, others found it useless. Fortunately, as studies about learning styles became more sophisticated, we now know that there are many ways to study for an exam.
The first step is to determine your learning style. Experts have discovered that most people are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. Visual learners learn by seeing. They are more likely to absorb material that is presented in pictures, diagrams and written text.

Auditory learners learn by hearing. These students will find audio tapes very helpful. They prefer classes that feature discussion, rather than slides of material written on the blackboard. In contrast, a kinesthetic learner will prefer less talk and more physical action. For example, a kinesthetic learner will gain a better understanding of world geography by physically turning a globe, as opposed to memorizing a map.

The learning preferences listed above can give you a clue about your learning optimal learning style. However, you can take it one step further. Listen to your own style of language. When somebody explains an idea, are you more apt to say “I hear what you’re saying?”  If so, you are probably an auditory learner. This is different from someone asserting that they see what you’re saying. These folks are probably visual learners. People who say that they can get a feel for what you’re saying are mostly likely to be kinesthetic learners.

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Increase your score by learning your learning style
You can study much more efficiently by learning your learning style.


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