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The Registered Nursing Program (NLN PAX-RN) and the Practical/Vocational Nursing Program (PAX-PN) are administered by the National League of Nursing.  Both the PAX RN and PAX PN are entrance exams that measure of aptitude, basic knowledge and learning potential. Various nursing schools use PAX-RN and PAX-PN as their entrance examinations as they help ascertain the applicant’s readiness for the Registered Nurse program.

Exam Registration

•  Check with the nursing school of your choice for specific information on their requirements for admissions.

•  Select a test site near you.

•  Go to https://www.nlnonlinetesting.org/cgi-bin/DxR_NLN/registration_store.pl?nln500=1 to register for the examinations online.

•  You need a credit card to make the payment for the exam.

NLN Exam Details

•  The exam is in a traditional pen-and-paper format.

•  All exam questions are multiple-choice.

•  There are experimental questions included, which are not scored.

•  The non-scored questions cannot be distinguished from the scored questions.

•  You have 3 hours to complete the exam.


NLN PAX RN Exam Study Guide and Practice Tests

Complete Study Guide including hundreds of pages of Tutorials, Self-Assessments, 2 sets of practice test questions, Complete guide to multiple choice strategy, Complete guide to taking a test, and Sample NLN PAX Questions for Reading Comprehension, Math, Natural Science, Spelling, Non-verbal, Vocabulary, Biology, Chemistry. Paperback – 354 pages

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NLN PAX-RN  Practice Tests

Two sets of Practice test questions for the PAX-RN including, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Math and Science. Over 250 questions, with full answer key with detailed step-by-step explanations, multiple choice strategy and exam tips from our dedicated team of exam experts. Two sets of practice test questions including:
Math, Reading Comprehension, Science and Vocabulary. Paperback – 192 pages

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Review for: Pass the PAX

I just took my PAX-RN test. I was scared I would fail so I bought this book to help me study. It worked! This book helped me soooo much! It showed my strengths and weaknesses so I knew what to study! It has practice test and learning chapters! I would highly recommend this book to anyone taking the NLN test!

Written by: Tink527

Review for: Pass the PAX

Pretty decent study guide.

The practice questions in this review were more difficult than the actual test questions, but I’d rather be more prepared than less. So, thank you.

Written by: Brittany Marino

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