AMT Registered Medical Assistant RMA Exam FAQ

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    I was registered as RMA several years ago and have just took 160 hours refresher at Everest. I would like to take the exam to be re-registered. How do I go about this? I graduated with High honors and recent classes 96.26% Can I take exam have GED.

    The Registered Medical Assistant exam is administered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). For questions like that in regard to the taking of the exam, best to speak with them. We do not administer the exam - we help students study for the RMA exam.

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    I have been a medical-assistant since 1994 after graduating from Professional Careers Institute in Indianapolis, IN. I took my certification test in January of 1995 and passed. I held certification through January of 2000. Since that time, my employers have never required me to re-certify. My current employer is requiring that I re-certify by April 25th. I am registered to test for the C-M-A exam through the AAMA but not until June 1st. Would it be possible to take your exam before April 25th? If so, would you please let me know how and where I can take it? My employer said that R.M.A. was also acceptable.

    The Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Certification is administered by the American Medical Technologists (AMP). According to their website, certification is desirable for many employers but not mandatory. To schedule the RMA exam, I suggest you contact AMP directly.

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    Is there a time frame, once a student graduates from an accredited school to sit for the exam and if so how long?

    I do not believe there is a time frame after graduation. Certification for RMA's is required by many employers, but is not mandatory. The actual exam is administered by the American Medical Technologist (AMP). Probably best to speak with them directly.

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    How often does an individual need to renew their certification once they have obtained it? Is it annually, biannual?

    The RMA is administered by the American Medical Technologists (AMP). According to their website, there are are no requirements for re-certification.

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    My school is ACCA (accrediting commission of career school) and just wanted to know if i can take the C.M.A. or the R.M.A. exam

    The Registered Medical Assistant exam is administered by the American Medical Technologists (AMP). According to their website, the schools must be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). There are currently about 700 Medical Assisting programs accredited by these two organizations.

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    Have worked over 5 years as a medical assistant. Do I still have to take the medical assistant class in order to take the test for R.M.A?

    As I understand, the RMA certification is not a mandatory certification. The government does not require that you be certified, BUT most employers DO require the certification.

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    i graduated in 2000 as medical asistant and worked since then , im interested in start lvn program but i need to be registered , can you please advise me what do i need to do to be register

    more informaiton on LPN/LVN here - LPN Career

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    I'm doing CMA from ATI and will be graduate this Dec, Could you please tell me, after completing my internship, graduation, could I get a job on my Certification and internship or I have to do a RMA certification. Thanks!

    The CMA and the RMA are very similar certifications with much of the course content overlapping. I believe the RMA has a bit more course content on billing and insurance than the CMA.

    Also note that the RMA is not a mandatory certification - employers like to see it, but there is no State or federal law requiring it.

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    Hi, I was wondering what is the fee to take the exam? Thanks

    The Application fee for the RMA Exam is $90.

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    i will take the rma exam next week,and my fourth time to reschedule for this exam because i felt like I studied, but when i took the practice test i didn't get a good score i don't no why , that mean am not going to pass this exam or what.

    Failing the RMA practice Test is not a problem because it is only a practice test. - the practice test, especially the first one, is to show you what you need to work on and where your strengths and weaknesses are. The problem is you only have a week to go so you are going to be busy!

    Go back over the practice test and see what questions you got wrong - that is the most valuable thing you can do. Then study that area and try again. Good Luck!

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    I want to know do I have to be in school to take the rma exam

    No - I believe you can take it any time. Talk to AMT for confirmation though.

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    Do I have to complete my extern/internship before I am able to take the RMA?

    No. You can take the RMA any time. Talk to AMT for confirmation.

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    What is the passing score for the RMA?

    The RMA has about 210 questions though it varies from year to year. The scores are converted to a scale of 100, and the passing score is 70.

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    How long is the RMA good for?

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    I had finished my hours then moved to another state but i'm having problems finding a testing sight... how do i find find the closest testing sight?

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    I have worked over 5 years as a medical assistant with no schooling. Would I still be able to take the test and qualify for a RMA certificate?

    Contact AMT for that kind of question and details

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    can i find out my results its been almost 8 weeks

    It depends where you took it - contact AMT

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    can you take the test without going to school?

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    I would like to take practice test can you tell me where i can get copy?

    You can get online RMA practice tests here - we will have a PDF version of the RMA soon.

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    does anyone know what diagrams are on the test?

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    how often dose an RMA have to renew their certification

    There is no requirement for renwal on the RMA

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    Can you sit for the RMA with an accredited High School Diploma

    Yes - High School Diploma or GED, or CHSPE in California.

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    Graduated in 2005 and never worked in the field as a RMA. kept up with the cdu's until 2007 or 2008. was told that I can reapply by doing the MA modules is that true. And if so can this be done online?

    I haven't seen RMA online - we do offer practice questions here

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    My name is **** ********* i just bought the web site im having problems downloading the web site

    If you are having difficulty download any of our Study Guides please Contact Us for assistance

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    rma and cma practise test

    RMA Practice Tests are HERE and CMA are HERE

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    Doies a R.M.A make more than a C.M.A, and are there more job oppurtunities for RMA than CMA.

    Generally they are grouped together as "medical assistants" The US Occupations Outlook handbook lists the average salary as $29,000 with some variation depending on where you work - hospital, outpatient care center, medical office, etc. with hospitals paying the most.

    Employment is expected to grow faster than average, and medical assistants are one of the fastest growing occupations.





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