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Registration Process

All applicants are expected to complete and mail the applications with the application fees and all documentation to the AMT, and are kept informed of the progress of their application to make sure employers and references respond appropriately.

After the application and verification, written confirmation is sent from the AMT registrar, indicating approval with the authorization to test  letter AND all the details and exam schedule.

Exam Format


The examination is offered in a paper and pencil format. it can also be done in a computerized format, depending on the location of the candidate, application route and the certification designation. The exam which is completed in 3 hours, is made up of 200 to 210 questions. The minimum passing score of the exam is translated to 70 from a 0 to 100 scale.

The results of the exam appear on the screen immediately after the exam, and a paper copy  is issued by the proctor.

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