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Breathing Exercises to Relieve Test Anxiety

Breathing Exercises to Relieve Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a very real psychological phenomenon. What’s worse is that it has the potential of severely derailing your test-preparation program. That’s why many people, who have learned to perform well on tests, incorporate breathing exercises into their strategy. Here are some good breathing exercises that are perfect for the testing room. They’re perfect […]

Myths About Exams

Everybody knows what’s involved in studying for exams, right? Well–maybe not. In fact, there are several myths that many people believe are true, but which actually do little or nothing to enhance the studying process. Chances are good that you’ve bought into one or more of these myths. Let’s take a look at some of […]

How to Prepare for a Test

How to Prepare for a Test

Scoring high on tests is crucial for most people. Scoring High on a College Entrance Test means you get into the University you want.  Scoring High on a Nursing Entrance Test means you get into Nursing School  Or, an Armed Services Entrance Exams, like the AFQT, means you can get into the Military.  It requires […]

The Ultimate Guide to Test Preparation Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Test Preparation Strategy

When faced with an exam most students hide their heads and procrastinate hoping that somehow they will be spared the agony of taking a test – particularly a big one that their future relies on. Avoiding the all important test is what many students do best and unfortunately they suffer the consequences because of lack […]

Beware:  Procrastination Can Kill Your Grades!

Beware: Procrastination Can Kill Your Grades!

Let’s face it: for most people, studying is not fun. And most of us tend to put off things that aren’t fun – especially studying. Honestly, this comes largely because of your high school days. Back then, you could procrastinate a little, sometimes a lot, and still get decent grades. But then you get to […]

Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Taking Notes is Critical for Success If you are going to be successful in University or College, you have to take notes and study them.  When preparing for College Exams, notes are one of the best study tools. Your Notebook Don’t underestimate the organizational power of your class notebook. It’s an excellent spot to arrange […]

Tips for preparing a study schedule

It’s important when devising a study schedule to start by organizing your schedule into a table or chart that shows all of your classes and regular appointments for each week. There should be a space to write your class timetable for each day and an area to keep track of practices, meetings and regular appointments. […]

Learning Styles

One of the things that the people who study such things have been able to determine over the years is that there are several different ways we process information and that means that we all learn in different ways. This discovery was welcome news for the educators of the world since armed with this knowledge […]

How to Answer Essay Questions – The Ultimate Guide

“I hate essays!” This battle cry is famous to most students. That’s because essay questions are either easy or difficult. Either way, there’s no certain formula. Even if you think you know the answer – don’t be overconfident – the critical part is how you make your essay worth reading. So how do you do […]

multiple choice

Answering Multiple Choice Questions – Part 1

Most standardized tests are multiple choice, also called multiple guess, our previous articles on answering multiple choice questions are by far the most popular. Answering Multiple Choice How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Choice Questions The most popular type of standard test is multiple choices. Teachers like them because teaching assistants can grade them […]