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How to Take an Oral Exam

How to Take an Oral Exam

About oral exams For many students, the experience of taking an oral exam is one that is very different to taking a written exam, although you may find that preparation for an oral exam is similar to a written exam. Oral Exams are a standard feature of English as a Second Language Exams such as […]

What's the Difference Between a Quiz, Test, and Exam?

What’s the Difference Between a Quiz, Test, and Exam?

You’re in school, it’s close to Christmas, and on the same day, one instructor tell you there’s a quiz coming, a second says there’s a test next week, while a third tells you to prepare for the upcoming exam. ARRRGH! A quiz, a test, and an exam, all coming soon. But what’s the difference? Are […]

Things That Could Go Wrong on Test Day--and Making Sure they Don't

Things That Could Go Wrong on Test Day–and Making Sure they Don’t

Sometimes, doing well on a test is as much about making sure that bad things don’t happen as it is about your pre-test strategies. Let’s face it: All of us have had the experience of getting ready to go take a big test, only to have “one of those days” when everything seems to work […]

Different ways of studying for a test

Students study for tests in a variety of ways. While one student finds a particular method of study helpful, another may find it ineffective. Keep trying different things and see what works the best for you. Studying Textbook Chapters – Three Ways to Absorb Reading Material 1. Quiz yourself while reading. Before reading each chapter, […]

Myths About Exams

Everybody knows what’s involved in studying for exams, right? Well–maybe not. In fact, there are several myths that many people believe are true, but which actually do little or nothing to enhance the studying process. Chances are good that you’ve bought into one or more of these myths. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Plan "B" for Test Anxiety

Plan “B” for Test Anxiety

One of the best ways to deal with test anxiety?  Always have a “Plan B.”  That’s according to a new article published in PYCHOLOGY TODAY .  In fact, this is not a new concept.  Over the years, more than 100 studies have shown that planning things out in advance, including what you’ll do in a […]

How to Prepare for a Test

How to Prepare for a Test

Scoring high on tests is crucial for most people. Scoring High on a College Entrance Test means you get into the University you want.  Scoring High on a Nursing Entrance Test means you get into Nursing School  Or, an Armed Services Entrance Exams, like the AFQT, means you can get into the Military.  It requires […]

The Ultimate Guide to Test Preparation Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Test Preparation Strategy

When faced with an exam most students hide their heads and procrastinate hoping that somehow they will be spared the agony of taking a test – particularly a big one that their future relies on. Avoiding the all important test is what many students do best and unfortunately they suffer the consequences because of lack […]

Mastering Take-Home Tests

If you were in college and given the option of taking an exam in class or at home, which would you select?  Most students would select the take-home test without hesitating.  There’s something appealing about taking a test at your own place according to your own schedule. Honestly, though, take-home tests are often harder than […]

Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests

Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests

Multiple-choice tests:  You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  Some students think with these tests you have at least a one in 3 or 4 or 5 chance of getting the question right.  Others, though, note that the authors of the multiple-choice questions try to make the questions tricky–steering you toward the wrong answer. […]