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Playlist for study

Interesting article on the effect of different types of music on brainwaves.  The author suggests playing certain types of music will get you in the mood for studying. read more here

How to Study Spelling

Video on How to Study Spelling

How to Concentrate When You've Got a Big Test Ahead of You

How to Concentrate When You’ve Got a Big Test Ahead of You

Concentration is one of the most important skills anyone needs throughout their life. As students, it has understandable importance concerning the amount of information that must be consumed and recalled. However, even beyond the student days, it’s necessary to have the skills involved in concentration to healthily and adequately perform any skills or responsibility. With […]

Short-Term Study Strategies:  How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner

Short-Term Study Strategies: How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner

Sheila has an exam coming up in Advanced Biology.  It had been announced weeks ago, but she has a full course load.  She studies every night for several hours, and sometimes she gets overwhelmed with all she has to do.  And that’s the problem:  She is so overwhelmed that she completely forgot about the Advanced […]

Why Cheating is Not a Good Test Prep Strategy

It’s the proverbial elephant in the room any time a group of students starts talking about how to get ready for the upcoming test:  The method that many of them will use is cheating. Maybe you’re even one of them.  You might be surprised to hear that this article will at no time preach at […]

You Weren’t Born a ‘Bad Test Taker’

You Weren’t Born a ‘Bad Test Taker’

Maybe you’ve heard somebody say this.  Maybe you’ve said it yourself.  Right after doing poorly on yet another test, the person exclaims, “I know the material; I’m just a bad test-taker.”  Or even worse, “I was born a bad test-taker.” It’s true that some people are bad test-takers, but few if any people were born […]

How to Stop forgetting What You Studied When You Take the Test

How to Stop forgetting What You Studied When You Take the Test

It happens to the best of us: We study, study, study for that big test, we think we have down all the information–and then we forget it. It’s frustrating, and unfortunately, it’s not entirely preventable. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the brain freezes. Here are some things to try.

Different ways of studying for a test

Students study for tests in a variety of ways. While one student finds a particular method of study helpful, another may find it ineffective. Keep trying different things and see what works the best for you. Studying Textbook Chapters – Three Ways to Absorb Reading Material 1. Quiz yourself while reading. Before reading each chapter, […]

Myths About Exams

Everybody knows what’s involved in studying for exams, right? Well–maybe not. In fact, there are several myths that many people believe are true, but which actually do little or nothing to enhance the studying process. Chances are good that you’ve bought into one or more of these myths. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Passing the Mathematics Portion of a standardized test

If you’re getting ready to take an exam soon, you’re probably trying to study, in order to improve your score.  But how exactly do you improve your math score at this point? Let’s review.