Medical terminology Practice Questions I

Medical Terminology questions are common on these exams, Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Medical Lab Technician, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant (NCMA), PANCE and PANRE exams.

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Medical Terminology Practice
Test Questions



1. The greek root -pepsia means

  1. Disease.
  2. Digestion.
  3. Respiration.
  4. Vision.

2. The Greek root -apathy means,

  1. Disease.
  2. Viruses.
  3. Bacteria.
  4. Fever.

3. The Latin root abdomin- means related to the,

  1. The appendix.
  2. The abdomen area.
  3. The larynx
  4. The lungs.

4. The Greek and Latin root aort means related to

  1. The arteries.
  2. The arms.
  3. The aorta.
  4. The anvil.

5. The Greek root brachi means related to

  1. The arm.
  2. The back.
  3. The mouth.
  4. The leg.


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