Nelson Denny Reading Test (NDRT) FAQ

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    Can I re-take the Nelson Denny?

    Yes you can but you have to have 'remediation' which means you have to a course before you can retake the NDRT.

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    What kind of courses are allowed for Nelson Denny remediation?

    Talk to the school where you are taking the Nelson Denny. Policies vary between schools.

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    (I did not go to school in this country), I want to take a programme at a local College,for this I must take a test, a reading and comprehension test, what do I need to study,

    We offer several options for taking the Nelson Denny

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    Is there a specific "practice test" that I could use for Dental Hygiene at Georgia Perimeter College in Dunwoody GA?

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    I teach a speed reading course at our high school and need to purchase more answer sheets that go slong with the test I have. Can I order this? It sounds as if the testing format is the same; mine was copy right 1993. Is the updated version relatively the same?

    We do not offer answer sheets separately. We have several options for the Nelson Denny :

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    What can I expect in the NDRT?

    The NDRT is made up of two parts. The first section is the vocabulary section containing 80 to 100multiple choice questions with 5 options each. The second section is the comprehension section. Students are expected to answer 36 to 38 multiple-choice questions based on 5 to 8 passages.

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    How long is the test?

    The vocabulary section is timed for 15 minutes and the comprehension section lasts for 20 minutes.

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    How are the NDRT results calculated?

    To get the raw scores of each test taker, the total scores at the comprehension section is doubled and then added to the scores from the vocabulary section. This means that scores from the comprehension section are worth twice as much as those from the vocabulary section.

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    How is the test scores represented?

    The raw scores are computed and converted to give a grade level equivalent. You can expect scores represented such as 9.6, 10.8 or 12.7.

    So if your score is, for example, 12.4, your reading ability was assessed to be equal to a 12th grader in the 4th month. The first number 12 represents the grade equivalent, while the next number 4 is the month under that grade. A 9.6 score means that the test taker has reading skills equivalent to a 9th grader in the 6th month.

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    How are the results obtained from the NDRT used?

    The NDRT results measures the student’s reading ability. This is then used to determine if the student has the required reading ability to take some high school and college courses or programs. For example, some science and nursing courses may require a minimum score of 12th grade in NDRT. Students who score below this are deemed not to have up to the minimum reading ability to take the course.

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    When will I get my NDRT results?

    Results are usually available within a few days of taking the NDRT. Check with the school where the exam is to be taken for specific exam results notification procedures.

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