Histotechnology HT (ASCP) Exam Study Guide & Test Preparation

Histotechnology, HT (ASCP) exam is organized and administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and conducted at various Pearson VUE computer test sites


   •  Candidates must have completed a NAACLS Histotechnician program in the last 5 years
   •  Or, Candidates must have acquired a minimum of 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours in an accredited university or college, to include 12 semester hours of chemistry and biology, or possess an Associate degree from an accredited university or college with a combination of 18 quarter chemistry and of biology, plus a 1 year experience in histopathology
   •  Candidates must also have acquired experience within the past 10 years in any of the following areas; Fixation, Processing, Microtomy and Staining


   •  Candidates can apply online by completing the online registration forms
   •  Candidates can also download application forms and send completed forms along with payment to:
      ASCP Board of Certification,
      3335 Eagle Way,
      Chicago, IL 60678-1033

     After registration, candidates will receive information on how to schedule an exam date and a Pearson testing site

Exam Content

   •  Fixation 10-25%
   •  Staining 40-50%
   •  Microtomy 10-14%
   •  Processing/Embedding 10-14%
   •  Laboratory Operations 10-15%

Exam Structure

   •  The exam is computer based
   •  The questions are multiple choice format

Other Information

   •  Application fee for the exam is $185
   •  Candidates will receive exam scores within 10 business days after the exam
   •  Successful candidates will receive certification about 4-6 weeks after the exam
   •  Candidates need to score at least 400 to pass the exam

Histotechnology HT (ASCP) Test Preparation and Study Tips

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