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it didn’t take me long to discover that simply ‘winging it’ or pulling an all-nighter won’t help come test day. Even the basic study skills that worked so well for me in high school are not enough to carry me through even a passing grade in these courses. I’ve had to come up with a study strategy that is quick and simple – yet effective! – in order to guarantee long-term understanding and an exceptional GPA.  Clustering: The Science-Backed Method of Information Simplification

Use Your Daily Routine

One of the main concerns students have: not having enough time in a day to complete everything they need to. Students do not realize that they have several breaks in their day that they can use more effectively. They also do not realize how much time they spend playing “the waiting game”: waiting in line or waiting for something else to be finished before they will  resume studying. By using these “breaks” more effectively, they can give themselves real breaks and still have time for social life and sleep. Use Your Daily Routine to Study

Studying and Lord of the Rings

Just when you thought Monday mornings could not get any worse, your teacher announces a test. Whether you’ve been keeping up with course material or not, panic ensues. Well, it’s time to put that panic away, sit back, and learn a thing or two from one of the best cinematic series of all time, The Lord of the Rings.

What Lord of the Rings taught me about Studying

Mindfulness and Studying- 6 Steps

Doing well on exams may not be enough anymore. You need to graduate with marks that wow, dazzle and sparkle. Standardized testing is currently how comparisons are made among schools and between students. As a student you are in control of yourself and how well you can do on an exam.

Mindfulness is having your mind “full” of the present moment. In other words being present in the moment and fully attending to what you are doing by using your senses. Here is a list of mindfulness studying techniques to assist you in feeling confident and prepared for your examinations.  Read More

Neuro Psychology of Studying

Now that you’ve done your preparation, step one is complete. For step two, I will try to teach you a little bit about the nervous system and what it has to do with studying.
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Study Tips for the Lazy and Unartistic

I am sure that when most high school students talk about studying, they refer to how Quizlet and organized planners have saved their lives. But these methods prove challenging when one is as scatterbrained as I am. I am here to be a ambassador for the lazy and unartistic, to once and for all prove that cute doesn’t cut it.  Read More

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