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Test Information

You will need to answer every question in this exam. The questions are given according to your skill and ability.

You can make changes to your answers before going to the next question, but you cannot skip questions and go back to it later.

To take the Accuplacer test the student must make an appointment with the administration of the College you are applying to. The administration office will give all the necessary information regarding the test; where it is going to be, the date and hour, the cost and any special accommodations.

Every college has their own policies about their admission process, so it’s recommended to contact a counseling office to learn about the alternatives for you.


Anyone entering an institution of higher learning may be asked to take the ACCUPLACER test. Performance on the ACCUPLACER will be used as a diagnostic tool to determine where the incoming student should be placed to maximize their chances of success.


The multiple choice questions are not timed, so you can take all the time you need. The essay section at some colleges is timed.

The range of questions in each section is between 12 and 40, depending on the guidelines of every school. On average it takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete the test.

Test Details

Check with your school if you can carry calculators, protractors, textbooks, dictionaries or any other paper with you.

If the student didn’t like the results of the test, it’s possible to re-take it one time, but the student must wait 14 days before taking the test for second time. This also depends on the internal policies of the college.

What is on the ACCUPLACER®?


The ACCUPLACER arithmetic test evaluates a candidate’s performance on basic arithmetic operations and their ability to solve problems involving basic fundamental arithmetic concepts. Questions on this test fall under three basic arithmetic skills:

  • Operations with Whole Numbers and Functions
  • Operations with Decimals and Percentages
  • Applications and Problem Solving


The ACCUPLACER college-level math test evaluates a candidate’s ability to solve problems involving college-level mathematics concepts. Questions on this test fall under five specific college-level skills:

  • Algebraic Operations
  • Solutions of Equations and Equalities
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Applications and other Algebra Topics
  • Functions and Trigonometry


The ACCUPLACER elementary algebra test evaluates a candidate’s performance on basic algebraic operations and their ability to solve problems involving elementary algebraic concepts. Questions on this test fall under three elementary algebraic skills:

  • Operations with Integers and Rational Numbers
  • Operations with Algebraic Expressions
  • The solution of Equations, Inequalities, and Word Problems


The ACCUPLACER reading comprehension test, evaluates a candidate’s ability in each of the following reading skills:

  • Understanding what is read
  • Identification of main ideas
  • Making inferences
  • Distinguishing between direct statements and secondary (supporting) ideas


The ACCUPLACER sentence skills test assesses a candidate’s understanding of correct sentence structure in regards to:

  • Elements of a comprehensive and transparent sentence
  • Logic (or lack of logic) of a single sentence
  • Relationships between multiple sentences


The ACCUPLACER Writeplacer test evaluates a candidate’s writing skills. Candidates are asked to formulate, organize, and support an opinion or idea based on a given writing prompt, and are evaluated based on the following five characteristics of their response:

  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Development and Support
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Mechanical Resolutions


If appropriate, students may take an ACCUPLACER English as a Second Language (ESL) test in the following areas:

  • ESL Language Use
  • ESL Listening
  • ESL Reading Skills
  • ESL Sentence Meaning

It is essential to use the appropriate ACCUPLACER practice tests and study materials for every ACCUPLACER test you will be taking.

How is the ACCUPLACER® Scored?

Schools use the ACCUPLACER® test results for admissions purposes, so they are assessed by the admissions office of the institute as part of the application process.

As it is a computerized test the results are given immediately and remain available for four years. They are given through a score report, immediately after you take the test.

In the score report are the details of each section evaluated on a scale from 20 to 120 for the multiple choice sections and from 0 to 8 for the essay.

Every school can modify some aspects of the test, but usually the range it’s divided in low score (LS), minimal score (MS), basic score (BS), sufficient score (SS) and substantial score (SSS):

  • In arithmetic the LS goes from 20 to 37, the MS from 38 to 64, the BS from 65 to 92, the SS from 93 to 109 and the SS aver 110.
  • For the college-Level Math section the LS is 20 to 39, the MS from 40 to 62, the BS 63 to 85, the SS 86 to 102 and the SS over 103.
  • In elementary algebra there is no LS, the MS goes from 20 to 43, the BS from 44 to 81, the SS from 82 to 108, and the SSS is over 109.
  • In reading comprehension there isn’t a LS either, the MS goes from 20 to 50, the BS from 51 to 77, the SS from 78 to 98 and the SSS it’s between 99 and 120.
  • The sentence skills section doesn’t have LS either, the MS goes between 20 and 53, the BS from 54 to 86, the SS from 87 to 108 and the SSS over 109.

Each of the five sections of the ACCUPLACER is scored separately on a scale from 0 to 100. To pass, one has to score 80 or above is a pass.

Every section of the ACCUPLACER that you perform well on allows you to skip the no-credit remedial course work in that subject.  When you pass any section of the ACCUPLACER, you are done with that section forever!

The ACCUPLACER® is computer-based test.

The ACCUPLACER is computer-adaptive tests; this kind of test works by determining the next question’s challenging level based on the previous answer.

For example, it’s commendable to be familiar with the digital platform and use moderation techniques to regulate your nerves.  How to take a Computer Adaptive Test.

ACCUPLACER test scores are made available as soon as you complete your tests. Your score is determined based on a formula that considers the total number of questions responded correctly, along with the difficulty level of those questions. Your score report will show the total number of questions you answered correctly, and your percentile rank for each section taken.

Remember that there is no “passing” or “failing” the ACCUPLACER test.

Test Administration

The ACCUPLACER Test is administered at the college or institution that the incoming student will be attending. There are no time limits on any of the ACCUPLACER tests, except the Writeplacer, which may or may not have a time limit depending on the policy of the particular school administering the test.

On the day of the test, it is recommended that candidates arrive at their testing site early to avoid any mishaps. Be sure to bring a photo ID and any other materials your school has asked you to bring. Be sure to check with your institution’s testing center for more information.

The College Board does not charge a testing fee for the ACCUPLACER test. Fees are determined by the educational institution administering the test, and the test is often free to take for the first time.

Since most schools only allow the first attempt to be taken for free, it is recommended that you utilize all available free ACCUPLACER practice tests and other resources to maximize your chances of success.

Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT’s)

The ACCUPLACER® is computer-based, which means that they are taken through a computer on a digital platform.

Particularly, the accuplacer are computer-adaptive tests, this kind of tests works be deciding the difficulty level of the next question, based on the previous answer.

For example, it’s recommendable to be familiarized with the digital platform, and use some relaxation technique to control your nerves.  How to take a Computer Adaptive Test

Test Taking Strategies

There are some recommendations to improve the results of Accuplacer test.

  • First, – practice the exam, so he can get comfortable with the digital platform.
  • Ask your counselors about the regulations and rules, – make sure you know what to expect.
  • It’s important to arrive early – you do NOT want to be rushing in late!

This is a multiple choice test – learn multiple choice strategies to increase your score

Get ready!  Complete Guide to Test Preparation

The ACCUPLACER test is made up of multiple choice questions and a written essay section. Tips on how to answer essay questions. Tips for answering multiple choice
New undergraduates must take the ACCUPLACER immediately, usually within 30 days of enrollment as their course advisor cannot schedule English or Math courses for them until they take ACCUPLACER.
ACCUPLACER tests are optional placement tests used by educators to measure the competence and skill level of candidates in English, Math and Reading. Results from ACCUPLACER are used best place students in courses that may be challenging, but not far above their competence level. New undergraduates who are yet to taker and pass college level English and/or Math course work must take the ACCUPLACER.
Students can retake ACCUPLACER twice after the original test. There is a re-take fee, and students must wait 14 days to re-take the test.
There is no pass or fail score for ACCUPLACER tests. Educators only use it to measure the academic skill level of candidates to better place them. If your math score is low, for example, you will be required to take some extra math courses.
Test results are made available after completing the test.

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