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Taking the ACCUPLACER? Answers to Common Questions

What format is the ACCUPLACER? 29-05-2017

The ACCUPLACER test is made up of multiple choice questions and a written essay section. Tips on how to answer essay questions.

How soon should I take the ACCUPLACER? 29-05-2017

New undergraduates must take the ACCUPLACER immediately, usually within 30 days of enrollment as their course advisor cannot schedule English or Math courses for them until they take ACCUPLACER.

What is the ACCUPLACER test and why do I need to take it? 29-05-2017

ACCUPLACER tests are optional placement tests used by educators to measure the competence and skill level of candidates in English, Math and Reading. Results from ACCUPLACER are used best place students in courses that may be challenging, but not far above their competence level. New undergraduates who are yet to taker and pass college level English and/or Math course work must take the ACCUPLACER. Was this helpful?

How many times can I re-take the ACCUPLACER? 29-05-2017

Students can retake ACCUPLACER twice after the original test. There is a re-take fee, and students must wait 14 days to re-take the test.

What is a good ACCUPLACER score? 29-05-2017

There is no pass or fail score for ACCUPLACER tests. Educators only use it to measure the academic skill level of candidates to better place them. If your math score is low, for example, you will be required to take some extra math courses.

When can I get my ACCUPLACER test results? 29-05-2017
Test results are made available after completing the test.

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Published: June 1st, 2017