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The ASSET Test is used by colleges in US to identify strengths and weaknesses of an applicant and to make sure that right candidate is selected for the right program. The American College Testing Corporation developed and administers this test and more than 400 colleges across the several states of US make use of this test, mostly technical and community colleges.

arrow_blue32Exam Eligibility


Students who come under any one of the following categories are eligible to take the ASSET test:

  • Degree and diploma applicants.
  • BLET applicants, either prior to enrollment or during the first enrolled semester.
  • Special Credit students taking courses that require ASSET prerequisites.
  • Students without a high school diploma who have to prove “ability to benefit.”

arrow_blue32Exam Registration


You can  choose to register yourself with the respective schools

You can also register online. More information at the ASSET website


arrow_blue32Exam Details


There is no passing score in the ASSET Test as it is a diagnosis tool.

ASSET is used after an applicant has been admitted to a college or university.

A good score in ASSET shortens the time taken for graduation and you can also reduce the college education cost significantly.

Test questions are Multiple Choice Format and it is a pencil and paper based exam.

You can use calculators for the Advanced Mathematics section.

arrow_blue32ASSET Test Contents


The ASSET has two parts: 

Basic Skills and Advanced Mathematics


Basic Skills:


No. of Questions: 36
Duration: 25 minutes


No. of Questions: 24
Duration: 25 minutes

Numerical Reasoning

No. of Questions: 42
Duration: 25 minutes

Advanced Mathematics

Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Writing Sample

No. of Essays: 2
Duration: 1 hour


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