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About the Math Section

The Mathematics Knowledge sub-test (or MK) measures topics from high school mathematics. The paper version is 24 minutes to answer 25 questions and the computer version is 20 minutes to answer 16 questions.  So you have just a little less than 1 minute per question.

Calculators are not allowed.

The Mathematics Knowledge sub-test is part of AFQT, which is essential for admissions to the armed forces.  More information on scores and which jobs will qualify for.

More on the AFQT

How to Prepare for a Math Test

1. Learn Day-by-Day.  Learning is a process not an event. 

2. Attend Class

3. Find your Learning Style

4. Never Skip Something you Don’t Understand

5. Practice Every Day

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How to Prepare for any Test – the Complete Guide

Basic Math

Basic math includes principles and operations from high school mathematics

  • Decimals, fractions and percent
  • Calculate percent increase/decrease
  • Solve word problems (Arithmetic Reasoning)
  • Operations with fractions – add, subtract, divide and
  • Estimate solutions


Exponents – 8 questions
Basic Math – 10 questions
Basic Math 2 – 10 questions
Word Problems Tutorial
Algebra – 7 questions
Percent – 18 questions
Fractions, Percent and Decimals – 14 questions
Order of Operation – 6 questions

Basic Algebra

Includes solving equations and working with quadratics


Quadratics – 5 questions
Linear Equations with 1 variable – 5 questions
Linear Equations with 2 variables – 5 questions
Scientific Notation – Complete Tutorial and 6 questions

Basic Geometry

Includes, area, perimeter, lines, triangles and geometric shapes


Basic Geometry – 9 questions

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ASVAB Math Workbook

ASVAB Practice Questions, Tutorials, Test Tips, and Multiple Choice Strategies!

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Getting Started
The ASVAB Study Plan 9
Making a Study Schedule 11

Estimation Strategy 16
Estimation Practice 17
Answer Key 20
Arithmetic Reasoning Problems
Solving Arithmetic Reasoning Problems 22
Types of Arithmetic Reasoning Problems 25
Word Problem Practice 38
Answer Key 46

Fractions, Decimals and Percent
Fraction Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 55
Converting Fractions to Decimals 57
Converting Fractions to Percent 58
Decimal Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 60
Converting Decimals to Fractions 61
Converting Decimals to Percent 62
Percent Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 63
Converting Percents to Decimals 64
Converting Percents to Fractions 63

Fractions, Decimals and Percent
Practice Questions 66
Answer Key 73

Basic Algebra
One-variable equations 108
Algebra Practice 81
Answer Key 84

Basic Math Multiple Choice

How to Study for a Math Test

How to Prepare for a Test

How to Take a Test
How to Take a Test - The Basics 103
In the Test Room 107
Avoid Anxiety Before a Test 113
Common Test-Taking Mistakes 115


ASVAB Practice Questions, Tutorials, Test Tips, and Multiple Choice Strategies!

ASVAB Cover Over 200 ASVAB Math practice questions, plus test tips, how to study math, multiple choice strategies and more!

ASVAB Math Workbook: ASVAB Math Exercises, Tutorials and Multiple Choice Strategies