190 Free BC Provincial Exam Practice Questions



Exponents – 8 questions
Basic Math – 10 questions
Basic Math 2 – 10 questions
Word Problems tutorial
Algebra – 7 questions
Percent – 18 questions
Metric Conversion – 8 questions
Fractions, Percent and Decimals – 14 questions
Basic Geometry – 9 questions
Pythagorean Geometry
Slope of a Line
Area of Complex Shapes

How to Study for a Math Test



English Usage – 15 questions
English Grammar – 20 questions
Punctuation – 12 questions

Social Studies


Canadian History  – 15 questions
Canadian Government – 11 questions
World History – 14 questions

Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the BC Provincial Exam

Exam Study Guide

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Getting Started
Test Strategy 7
Types of Multiple-Choice Questions 10

Multiple-Choice Quick Tips
Answering Multiple-Choice Step-by-Step
Multiple-Choice Strategy Practice 20
Answer Key 39

Reading Comprehension Practice
Answer Key 66

Word Problem Multiple-Choice Strategy
Types of Word problems 77
Practice Questions 87
Answer Key 90

How to Write an Essay
Common Essay Mistakes -1 103
Common Essay Mistakes - 2 105
Writing Concisely 107
Avoiding Redundancy 109

How to Prepare for a Test

How to Take a Test
Reading the Instructions 122
How to Take a Test - The Basics 123
In the Test Room 127
Avoid Anxiety Before a Test 132
Common Test-Taking Mistakes 134


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