Procrastination and Studying


How to Avoid Procrastination when Studying

Let’s face it: for most people, studying is not fun. And most of us tend to put off things that aren’t fun – especially studying. Honestly, this comes largely because of your high school days. Back then, you could procrastinate a little, sometimes a lot, and still get decent grades. But then you get to college and BAM! Your procrastination habit comes back to haunt you, because sloppy studying at this level won;t get the job done.

Are you used to studying for that exam the night before, because that’s how you did it in 12th grade? It;s time to change those old habits.

There are five reasons why you must not wait till the night before a test to start studying. First, is the exhaustion factor. If you spend an all-nighter cramming for the exam, you’re putting your body at its worst at the time when it needs to be at its best. There will be a period during the night when you will become too tired to study and probably not finish going over all the information. And then when you crawl into the classroom, your brain will be arguing about whether it wants to take the test or go to sleep.  Cramming can sometimes work in an absolute emergency, but it is very stressful. This kind of behavior can be detrimental for programs in bachelor of science in business administration and other intensive programs.

A better alternative: Break down the material you need to study into several smaller bites. Then study one or two small parts each day. Studying in this way will make the job a whole lot easier, and help you out on the exam. Added bonus: You can feel all superior the night before the exam when all your friends are miserable studying for the exam and you’re chilling in front of the TV. Making a study schedule.

In most cases there’s just enough time you to cover all the material in one night. Here’s a formula to remember: If you have more than three chapters to cover, you will not be able to complete it in one night. Two or three chapters is what you can realistically expect to master in one evening. So if there are, for instance, six chapters on the exam, allow yourself three or four nights to study.

Another problem with procrastinating: What if an unexpected crisis happens? Your computer breaks down and you can’t get on the Web to do research or you get sick and just don’t feel like studying one night. These and other crises are less of an issue if you have more time to deal with them instead of just one night.  See more on Procrastination.

There’s no test that you can afford to fail. You have to be on your best performance in every class in every unit. Part of making this happen is to successfully defeat the procrastination monster.  See our Ultimate Guide to Test Preparation.

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  1. One of the most important things that I can preach to you is that it never pays off to procrastinate when studying for an important exam. I have procrastinated my self plenty of times and it has never paid off for me because I have come close to failing several exams due to it. It definitely isn’t any fun to study but it is also very important that you give yourself ample time to in order to read and comprehend the material so you don’t forget what you studied. It’s not like in high school where you waited til the night before and passed the exam. These test are more complex and there are a lot more different parts that need to be covered in order to actually understand the subject at full. One thing that will kill you if you wait until the last minute will be your lack of sleep from cramming. You can’t put that kind of stress on you because you will have problems staying awake and focusing on the test, and your brain housing group will not be functioning correctly. In other words just give yourself the time needed to properly study. Also make sure you give yourself time to take breaks in between studying.

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