California High School Exit Exam

About the Test

The CAHSEE test is open to students in the 10th grade. If a student however fails to pass the exam with the first attempt, there are still five more opportunities to take and pass the exam before the end of their graduating year.

 Format and Content

CAHSEE is a test of the student’s knowledge and skills in math and English. The exam is only given in English and the questions come in multiple-choice formats. The test of English section however has a portion that requires some writing. The CAHSEE test is not timed meaning that students can take as much time as they need to complete the test session.

The English section of the CAHSEE test has some multiple-choice questions and a writing portion. The test on English measures the student’s skills in reading and comprehension, as well as information finding and vocabulary.

The math section of CAHSEE are all multiple-choice questions and covers all areas of high school math such as geometry, statistics, decimals, algebra, data analysis, probability, decimals, general math and fractions. Students are not allowed to bring or use calculators during the exam.

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