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Overview – Canada Dental Aptitude Test

Since its introduction in 1966, the Canadian Dental Aptitude Test has been conducted by the Canadian Dental Association in partnership with the American Dental Association. To be admitted into a Canadian dental school, you must complete the dental aptitude test, or DAT. While Canadian Dental Aptitude Test scores can be used for admission in U.S. dental schools, U.S. Dental Aptitude Test Scores are not accepted in Canada as a manual dexterity test is not included in U.S. DAT.

Dental Aptitude Tests are conducted every six months, in February and November at designated test centers in Canada. The Dental Aptitude Test is designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to comprehend scientific information, general academic ability, manual dexterity, and two- and three- dimensional visual perception. Even though it is a mandatory requirement for all applicants to submit Dental Aptitude Test score before admission into Canadian dental schools, the test results are just one of the many factors considered in the evaluation on one’s eligibility for admission. Dental Aptitude Test scores carry relative importance in evaluating an individual’s potential for admission which is not regulated by the DAT program and determined by each school. Information on dental school admission requirements should be gotten from each school as registration for the Dental Aptitude test is not an application to dental school.

Canadian Dental Aptitude Test

Occupational Outlook

Dentists in Canada are in demand!  For 2019-2028, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 12,200 , with only 7,000 new job seekers to fill them.


Salaries vary across Canada, but generally range from $100,000 to $340,000, with the highest in Alberta and the lowest in Nova Scotia.  Although many Provinces and Territories do not report.

What’s on the Exam

There are an English and a French version in Canadian Dental Aptitude Test.  The English version has 4 sections and the French DAT has 3, to be taken  over one-half day.

  1. Manual Dexterity

This test tasks the candidate to curve out a specific model out of a cylindrical bar of soap that is specifically designed for the Dental Aptitude Test.

  1. Survey of Natural Sciences

Biology and General Chemistry

  1. Perceptual Ability

Angle discrimination, form development, cubes, orthographic projections and apertures.

  1. Reading Comprehension

Conducted with the English Dental Aptitude Test only, the reading comprehension involves reading 3 passages. This test evaluates a candidates’ ability to organize, remember, and analyze new information in dental and basic sciences. It evaluates one’s ability to thoroughly comprehend scientific information while studying.

Requiring an approximately five hours for the English test and four hours for the French.   Stretch breaks are provided with no formal lunch break.


Registration Fees

Nonrefundable registration fees for the Dental Aptitude Test is collected during the online registration process. The registration fees takes care of a scheduled Dental Aptitude Test at a certified test center, up to 5 official transcripts that are mailed directly to the dental schools you select, and an official transcript issued to the student. The candid fee.

Registration Process

The limited number of seats available, so you can only register once for one facility and one test date, regardless of the availability of multiple test sites. In an instance where a candidate registers for more than one, the second and any other registration is automatically cancelled without notification. To increase your chances for admission to dental school, applicants are advised to take the Dental Aptitude exam well in advance of their application to dental school. Registration deadlines are indicated, and applicants must strictly adhere to the indicated deadlines. Applicants receive their Dental Aptitude Test results 6 to 8 weeks after the test.

Overview of the Dental Aptitude Test Process

An accurately and fully complete application must be submitted to the DAT on or before the deadline for registration you are applying for. Indicate the five dental schools to receive your test scores. These schools will only be included if selected during registration. Note there is a transcript fee for every additional school that you select. The transcript fee is also applies to additional personal copies requested. If you wish to have your transcript sent to additional schools at a later date, there is an administration fees. After processing your registration, the Dental Aptitude Test office sends a DAT receipt that indicates you have been officially registered. The receipt will also indicating the location, date and time of your exam.

On exam day, you must present two pieces government issued identification.  All carvings and score sheets completed by candidates are shipped to the DAT offices for marking and scoring.

Registration Details

1. All applications must be completed online. The registration email receipt is an official confirmation that your application has been received by the DAT office.

2. Registration fees are mandatory during registration (MasterCard or VISA). The registration fee is nonrefundable and cannot be transferred. An applicant is required to pay application fees and complete an application for each exam. Applicants who fail to show up for a scheduled exam will not get a refund for their application fees and will also not be assigned a new testing session.

3. You can sit for the DAT for as many times as they want, with no maximum limit for the number of times one can write the test. When delivering the test results, the DAT office will only indicate the results of the most recent test and the number of times one has sat for the test.

4. It is your responsibility to complete the online application clearly and accurately. Applicants are advised to double check their personal information, and indicate the testing period they desire along with the language they wish to take the test in. Application that are not filled completely will not be processed.

5. Applicants are required to input their accurate name and address on the application and any other communication they make with the DAT office. After an application is complete and processed formally by the DAT office, the applicant receives an automatic confirmation email from the DAT office. This email is an official confirmation the applicant has been successfully registered for the test.
A week before the official test date, an email containing the following information is sent to all applicants:

  • The Applicants unique DAT ID number
  • The registered test date for the applicant
  • The test’s time and location
  • Instructions to be followed on the day of the test

6. The English language test includes a reading comprehension test that is not contained in the French-language test. It is up to the applicant to ensure the selected faculties of dentistry accepts this variation.

7. After the registration deadline, no requests to change test centers are permitted. Each applicant reserves one seat at one test center. One application per candidate is permitted, and any subsequent registrations are cancelled without notification.

8. If you wish to delete a dental school on your list, this request must be officially communicated to the DAT office in writing via fax, regular mail, or email. schools can be removed before the transcripts are mailed, however, there is no refund

9. Applicants should read the DAT Notice and Rules provided on the Acknowledgement and Agreement Form of the DAT. An acknowledgement that one has read and understood the rules and notice and will abide by the is signed by the applicants at the time of the test.


1. Preparation materials and transcripts can be ordered during registration or online separately at any time.

2. Include your address and full name as it appears on their DAT registration confirmation email. An incomplete or incorrect name may cause a delay or prevent the delivery of the preparation material or any correspondence to requests made.

3. Your DAT ID number should be included. If you don’t have a DAT ID, your date of birth and exam date are used.

4. Keep a copy of all correspondence with the DAT office. A representative from the DAT office will contact you if they there are issues.

DAT Practice Test Questions

Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)

The Canadian Dental Aptitude Test RCT section contains the following:

  • Drawing logical conclusions
  • Make predictions
  • Analyze and evaluate the use of text structure to solve problems or identify sequences
  • Find information in a passage

Reading Comprehension Test Practice (RCT)

Perceptual Ability Test (PAT)

The Perceptual Ability Test includes:

  • Apertures
  • View recognition
  • Angle discrimination
  • Paper folding
  • Cube counting
  • 3D form development.

Survey of Natural Sciences (SNS)

The Natural Sciences module includes,

  • Basic Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Natural Sciences Practice (SNS)

Canadian Dental Aptitude Test Frequently Asked Questions

The DAT evaluates your aptitude and ability to excel in the dentistry course, and dental institutions in the admission of first-year students. The entire DAT has four components for the English version and three for the French. The English exam includes, Survey of Natural Sciences, Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and a Manual Dexterity module. The French DAT does not contain a reading comprehension. The Manual Skills test is not compulsory since some dental institutions do not use it. It is an individual responsibility to check with respective dental schools for their admission requirements. Most dental institutions in Canada and America require DAT results in their admission requirements.
DAT tests are an entrance requirement for dental school. All the registrations for the DAT examination are done online through the DAT website. Registration dates and deadlines are given on the website. Email or phone registration requests are not accepted or replied to. After online registration, a confirmation email is sent back immediately.
DAT cancellation is automatic if you don’t show up for the scheduled test. Note the registration fee is not refundable.
After online registration, you will receive a receipt that shows the location, date, and time of your DAT tests. Every institution has its own requirements for testing, and you will find complete information on the website.
Results are sent six to eight weeks after taking the test. Five authorized transcripts of your DAT scores are incorporated in the non-refundable registration fee. Applicants individually select the schools for results during the registration process.
You cannot switch institutions, but you can add a new institution through the website for an additional fee.
DAT materials can be ordered at any time of the year. The materials are sent through Canada Post, and take between 10 to 12 working days after a shipment request from Canada has been received.
Special accommodations are available. However, the location, date, and time will most likely be different from those registered. A complete application with supporting documentation must be submitted. If there is no space for accommodating special treatment in your state, the registration will be canceled, and the application fee refunded.

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