Canadian GED Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the Canadian GED? Answers to Common Questions

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    Frequently Asked Questions for the Canadian GED test
  • What format is the Canadian GED?

    The GED test is made up of multiple choice questions. The writing test has an essay section. Tips for improving your score in essay questions.


  • Can I use a calculator during the test?

    Yes, yoku can use a calculator for the part 1 section of the math. The calculator is provided at the test center. You cannot use a calculator for part II of the math section.

  • What is the Canadian GED?

    The GED test was created for adults who did not complete high school. GED test results are acceptable and recognized across Canada and the U.S. Adults wishing to get a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma need to take GED.

    In Ontario, adults who pass GED receive an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. The Canadian GED is equivalent to the Certificate of School Completion in Alberta.

    The GED test measures knowledge in writing, math, reading, social studies and science.

    The Canadian GED is identical to the U.S. version, except the questions focus on Canadian history and government.

  • If I fail one of the five tests do I need to rewrite the whole test?

    No, if you fail one section, you only need to rewrite that section.

  • When can I get my Canadian GED result?

    Results are sent to candidates 4 to 6 weeks after taking the test.

  • How long is the GED test?

    The GED test is administered in two days. It usually is scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday with short breaks between tests. Individual test times are 120 minutes for writing, 65 minutes for reading, 120 minutes for math, 80 minutes for science and 70 minutes for social studies.

    See our GED page for more details


  • What is a good Canadian GED score?

    To pass the GED test, candidates need to score a minimum scaled score of 450 out of 800 on each of the five tests.

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Published: June 1st, 2017