Getting Motivated to Study – The Complete Guide

Exams are just around the corner and you’ve got 2 or 3 deadlines to meet coming up fast.  I don’t believe any student looks forward to this, and most put it off until the last minute which is not advised if you want to get the highest grades. Studying on any level can be overwhelming; however, just like most things that will benefit, it requires a huge amount of discipline.

Here are some steps to get you motivated to study.

Getting Disciplined     Your Purpose     Get into Game Mode
Small Actionable Steps     Reward Yourself     Read-Watch  Motivational
Visualize    Study Partners/Groups      Get Rid of Negativity

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How do you study textbooks? A Quick Survey

Best way to study textbooks?

1. Here is the method that I used successfully. Whenever I have a textbook to study, I first divide it into four main sections. After reading each section I make notes in a book not the textbook, using my own words of the most important points. I also make notes and marks in the textbook. When I want review I review my own hand written notes, because it is smaller in size and direct to the point. This system has always helped me out. Continue reading “How do you study textbooks? A Quick Survey” »

7 Steps to Developing Good Study Habits

How to Develop Good Study Skills

Why is it that there are some students who spend every waking hour studying and others who don’t appear to put in as much effort but still get good grades? Is this due to genetics? Are some people just naturally more intelligent than others? Is it IQ?

The truth is that being a successful student has little to do with intelligence but everything to do with knowing how to study. Studying is a skill, and once you have mastered it, you will excel. Continue reading “7 Steps to Developing Good Study Habits” »

Learning Styles Quiz

So What is Your Learning Style?

This article will help you distinguish your preferred learning style and offers you a range of study tips and advice to help you get the most out of learning. The first step is to complete this simple questionnaire. Try and do this before reading the explanations that follow, and answer the questions honestly. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, this is designed to help you reach your full learning potential. See the Complete Guide to Learning Styles

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Learning Styles – The Complete Guide

When it comes to learning, it’s probably no surprise to discover that we all learn differently. Most teachers are very aware of the different learning styles and use a variety of strategies to help pass information on to students, like yourselves, in the classroom. However, it is possible to take matters into your own hands in order to improve your own learning. If you are aware of your own learning style you will be able to make your study and revision time much more effective, which will not only help ensure academic success, but leave more time for all the fun stuff!

Not sure what your learning style is?  Take the Quiz

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Should You Be a Coffee Shop Studier?


Pros and Cons of Studying in a Coffee Shop

You’ve seen them, you’ve talked to them–but are you one of them? I’m talking about those people at the local coffee shop, who have their laptop computers and perhaps a textbook or two, along with their notebook and pen. I’m talking about the coffee shop studier. This is the person who, rather than going to the library or staying at home or in the dorm, they head to Starbucks or some other coffee shop to fill their brain with the material from their classes.

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Snacking When You Study

Ahhh, the late night study session. It’s challenging, it’s aggravating, with friends it can be fun, it’s important. It’s so many crazy emotions rolled into one. It’s also a time when you often just have to have a snack. Seriously, it’s not just fun to snack when you’re studying with friends, it’s actually a good idea. It’s easier to stay alert if you have a little something in you. Conversely, it’ll interfere with your ability to concentrate if you’re thinking about how hungry you are. However, it’s important that you eat and drink the right things during your midnight study sessions.

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Pros and Cons of Studying with a Computer

The question of whether a computer can help students in high school or college was settled long ago. It’s nearly impossible to find a student who doesn’t use a PC to help him type papers or look up things in encyclopedias. But what about major study sessions? The traditional form of studying has consisted mostly of pulling out your textbook and class notes and sitting at your desk or on your bed and trying to memorize as much as possible.
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Why Study Study Skills?

Learning Better Study Skills

As a student, your time is already limited. Maybe you already have a full class schedule, and in addition, you have to spend several hours a day to study for each course. So who’s got time to add something else into the mix? Yet there’s one thing that you need to add, which will actually improve the effectiveness of your study time, and help you get better grades: Studying about studying. That’s right: You need to devote some time and energy to studying some techniques and strategies that make for better students, and that lead to better grades. Here are five good reasons that you should try to master some proven study techniques: Continue reading “Why Study Study Skills?” »

How Long Should I Study For?

Let’s consider two typical college students.  Mary feels passionate about getting an “A” on the next economics test.  So for one week solid, she studies in three hour increments.  She scarcely takes a break during these marathon study sessions. Yet, to her exasperation, she still only manages to get a C+.

Rodney is in the same economics class.  He has spent the past four weeks studying class material, about 45 minutes a day, in 20 minute chunks, separated by a five minute break.  To some people’s amazement, he gets A-Pluses regularly, and he did so on the economics test.
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