Listening Comprehension Practice – Solving a Problem

Everyday Conversations Practice

Below is an every day conversation divided into 3 sections.  After each section are questions – play the questions, then choose the best answer.

Tests that have Listening Comprehension questions:

Canadian Firefighter,

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After you take a Practice Test

Practice tests are one of the best ways to study. Make sure you get the most out of them by analyzing the results.

Practice Tests help you:

* Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses
* Build self confidence

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Science Reasoning Practice Questions

Scientific Reasoning, as the name implies, doesn’t test your knowledge, but rather tests your ability to reason, as well as your ability to analyze and understand data. The questions provide you with everything you need to know – you have to reason your way through like a scientist using the scientific method.

Scientific Reasoning appears on tests like the ACT, GED, HiSET or TASC

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GED Canadian History Comprehension Questions

Practice your Social Studies Comprehension with these GED format practice questions.

Canadian history questions are on the Canadian GED and the Canadian Citizenship tests.

The Canadian History questions on the Canadian GED are about 25% of the Social Studies content.   Questions are based on different sources, including, written passages from both academic and everyday sources, as well as charts, graphs, maps, photographs, or cartoons.

The questions require students to apply, understand, analyze and evaluate information in different formats.


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