How to Study for a Math Test – The Complete Guide

math15Every subject has its own particular way. Math is mostly numerical, not verbal and  requires logical thinking; it has its own way to be studied. Before touching on significant points of studying a math test, lets look at some of the  fundamentals of “learning.”



How to Study for a Math Test

1. Learn Day-by-Day.  Learning is a process not an event. 

2. Attend Class

3. Find your Learning Style

4. Never Skip Something you Don’t Understand

5. Practice Every Day

Learning is not an instant experience; it is a procedure.  Learning is a process not an event.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and learning anything (or everything) isn’t going to happen in a day either.  You cannot expect to learn everything in one day, at night, before the test. It is important and necessary to learn day-by-day. Good time management plays a considerable role in learning. When you manage your time, and begin test preparation well in advance, you will notice the subjects are easier than you thought, or feared,  and you will take the test without the stress of a sleepless body and an anxious mind.

Tips on preparing a study schedule
Managing your study time

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How to Concentrate When You’ve Got a Big Test Ahead of You

How to Concentrate When You’ve Got a Big Test Ahead of You

Concentration is one of the most important skills anyone needs throughout their life. As students, it has understandable importance concerning the amount of information that must be consumed and recalled. However, even beyond the student days, it’s necessary to have the skills involved in concentration to healthily and adequately perform any skills or responsibility. With its importance, it also seems to be most elusive. Regardless of how far-fetched it seems to acquire, concentration is a skill that is manageable by everyone. concentrate, concentration, how to concentrate, study skills

Short-Term Study Strategies: How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner

CramSheila has an exam coming up in Advanced Biology.  It had been announced weeks ago, but she has a full course load.  She studies every night for several hours, and sometimes she gets overwhelmed with all she has to do.  And that’s the problem:  She is so overwhelmed that she completely forgot about the Advanced Bio exam until today. Now it’s tomorrow and she has to study–FAST. Continue reading “Short-Term Study Strategies: How to Ace the Exam That’s Just Around the Corner” »

What’s the Difference Between Aptitude and Achievement Tests?

What’s the Difference Between Aptitude and Achievement Tests?

In general terms, aptitude is defined as what a person can do (but hasn’t yet done), while achievement refers to what a person has already done. Aptitude tests are typically used in an effort to predict how well a person might perform in a school or employment situation. Achievement tests, on the other hand, are frequently used to determine what a person has generally learned prior to being tested. Aptitude tests tend to examine a broader range of knowledge and experiences than achievement tests, which usually only measure recent learning in specific subjects. Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between Aptitude and Achievement Tests?” »

Do Alcohol and Study Mix?

studying and alcoholAny parent of a college student is going to hate this news being reported, but it turns out, according to a new study, that drinking a few beers the night before a big test probably won’t hurt your grade any.

Reported in March, and published in the London Telegraph, , the Boston University School of Public Health, along with Brown University, revealed their results of a study of 193 university students, between the ages of 21 and 24.

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A Guide to Memorizing Anything Easily and Painlessly

 dont forgetA Complete Guide to Memorizing for a Test

If you’re going to master the art of studying, you’re going to have to master one of life’s basic skills: memorization. Most Content Exams such as Nursing Certification  require memorization.  Relax. It’s not as hard as you’ve always thought. There are actually four principles that are fairly basic; if you master them, memorization will be a cinch for you.  More on Studying for a Content Exam. Continue reading “A Guide to Memorizing Anything Easily and Painlessly” »

Do Study Groups Help or Hinder?

Determining the best style and type of study process is as important as picking which course of study one desires to follow.   This will be the foundation that all academic success shall be built upon.  While there are benefits to studying alone, there are also strong arguments for joining or developing a study group. Continue reading “Do Study Groups Help or Hinder?” »

Should I have Caffeine when Studying?

Caffeine — a help or a Hindrance?

When you’re on deadline with a paper to write or some serious remedial cramming, the first thought is to turn to caffeine to stay awake. For some people, it helps. But is it a good idea? Continue reading “Should I have Caffeine when Studying?” »

Learning Styles

Learning Styles

One of the things that the people who study such things have been able to determine over the years is that there are several different ways we process information and that means that we all learn in different ways. This discovery was welcome news for the educators of the world since armed with this knowledge they were able to pinpoint how and why some students did better in certain situations than others, and students themselves were able to decide which of these atmospheres suited them best.
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How to Study for Content Driven Exams

Studying for Content Driven Exams

Content driven exams are exams that focus on material that has been covered in a class or a program. Unlike aptitude exams, content driven exams are not measuring what you can learn, but what you have learned. These exams are often called achievement exams because the measure what you have achieved, not what you can achieve. Fortunately, studying for content driven exams is much easier than studying for an aptitude exam.  More on the difference between Aptitude and Achievement Exams.

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