Science Reasoning Practice Questions

Scientific Reasoning, as the name implies, doesn’t test your knowledge, but rather tests your ability to reason, as well as your ability to analyze and understand data. The questions provide you with everything you need to know – you have to reason your way through like a scientist using the scientific method.

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Basic Statistics – Making Inferences from a Random Sample


Population – All members of the studied group

Sample – A portion of the studied group is used to represent the entire population

Random – Every member of the studied group has equal chance at selection

Census – Every member of the studied group is included

Bias – If the sample does not adequately represent the population

Error – Degree to which the results of from the sample are different from the actual results of the population

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How to Solve Word Problems

Word Problems
Most students find math word problems difficult.   Word problems are found on must High School Proficiency Exams, College Exams and a few Nursing Entrance exams like the PAX.  Tackling word problems is much easier if you have a systematic approach which we outline below.

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How to Answer Analogy Questions

Quick List of Solving Analogy Strategy

1. Practice Practice Practice!   See practice questions here

2. Give an exact answer!  Objective not subjective.  Your subjective answer is not going to be the correct answer!  See below for examples.

3. Learn the main types of relationships.   See below for a complete list

4. Read the given analogy in a sentence.   For example, Given A, is related to Given B, in the same way Choice #1 A, is related to Choice #1 B.

5. Switch the order of the choices given.

Verbal analogies can be tricky for anyone, which is why it is important to have strategies to have a better chance of choosing the correct answer. Many College Entrance Exams and High School tests, especially the Nelson Denny Exam have large Verbal Analogy sections.  Catholic High School Entrance Exam, including the HSPT, TACHS, COOP, Upper Level SSAT and ISEE all have verbal analogy sections as well.  The following verbal analogies strategies will help you to excel with these types of tests and/or problems: Continue reading “How to Answer Analogy Questions” »

How to Answer Reading Comprehension

Reading Skills are a perennial topic for standardized tests.   Nursing Entrance Test generally have a reading comprehension component as do most College Entrance Exams.  Some tests, like the Nelson Denny, is primarily reading comprehension.  Before entering University or Nursing School, the institution wants to make sure that you will be able to handle reading technical material and textbooks.   Most High School Tests have reading comprehension components as this is a critical skill required for graduation.

Reading comprehension is on most English as a Second Language tests, including the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CELPIP and CAEL

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