Certified Dietary Manager (CDM)

The Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) certification program is organized and administered by the Dietary managers association (DMA) in association with the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM). The CDM exams are conducted for DMA by ACT.


  • Candidates must have graduated from a dietary education program approved by DMA
  • Or, candidates must posses a college degree (2 or 4 years) in nutrition or food service management, or a 2-year degree in hotel management or culinary arts
  • Or, candidates must have graduated from any 90-hour course in foodservice that is approved by state or other relevant body, and must also posses 2 years experience in institutional food service management
  • Or, candidates must be former or present members of the US military that have completed any approved military training in dietary management and attained grade E-5


Download application forms and mail completed forms, document and payment to:

Dietary Managers Association,
406 Surrey Woods Drive, St. Charles,
IL 60174

Exam Content

  • Gather Nutrition Data 8.5%
  • Manage Supplies, Equipment Use, Sanitation, and Safety 24%
  • Manage Production 10.5%
  • Provide Nutrition Education 6.5%
  • Hire and Supervise 9%
  • Apply Nutrition Data 8.5%
  • Provide Food Services 10%
  • Develop Personnel and Communications 8.3%
  • Professional Interaction 6.3%
  • Manage Business Operations 8.4%

Exam Structure

The exam is computer based with 200 multiple choice questions – Tips for answering multiple choice

Other Information

  • Candidates will be mailed their exam results about 6 weeks after the exam
  • The exam is reported on a pass/fail basis
  • The exam is held twice a year in March and October
  • Candidate application fee is $385

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