Get ready for your Canadian Citizenship Test!

To become a citizen, you must understand the rights, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, such as voting in elections and obeying the law. You must also show you understand Canada’s,

  • History
  • Values
  • Institutions
  • Government
  • Symbols

Citizenship Test Practice Questions!

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Date Published: Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
Date Modified: Friday, October 2nd, 2020

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Getting Started
Eligibility 6

Who we are
Our Ancestors 11
Diversity 14

Our History

Canada Today

Canada’s Government
Levels of Government 32
Federal Elections 35

Canada’s Regions
The Atlantic Provinces 45
Central Canada 47
The Prairie Provinces 48
The West Coast 49
The Northern Territories 50

Practice Questions Set 1
Answer Key 70

Practice Test Questions Set 2
Answer Key 97

How to Prepare for a Test
Mental Preparation for a Test 107

How to Take a Test
Reading the Instructions 109
How to Take a Test 110
In the Test Room 115
Avoid Anxiety Prior to a Test 121
Common Mistakes 123


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